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Thema: VDSL speed lower

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    VDSL speed lower

    Today I tested the 6.80 firmware for the first time.
    In the last year I had a sustained download rate between 108~111 Mbit/s
    In that time I had various different firmwares.

    Now my download speed is 84 Mbit/s
    The upload speed went down from 32 Mbit/s to 31 Mbit/s

    I may be going back soon if this doesn't change. (It is possible this is something automatic at the provider's side after a few LoS's.
    Will report here if that's the case (could need a recover of 24 hours)

    edit: 20-02-2017

    I just tried "previous DSL version", but the speed stays at 84 Mbit/s
    The only thing to test now is reverting to 6.52int

    BTW... This is strange:

    FRITZ!BoxConnectionDSL Central Exchange

    83.166 kbit/s
    32.512 kbit/s

    DSL version active since:
    13 minutes
    VDSL2 17a G.Vector (ITU G.993.5)Unknown (00000000)

    Negotiated Connection Properties

    Receive Direction Send Direction
    Max. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 111216 33032
    Min. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 784 0
    Attainable throughput kbit/s 114402 45176
    Current throughput kbit/s 109241 32512
    Seamless rate adaptation on off
    Latency fast fast
    Impulse Noise Protection (INP) 73 79
    G.INP on on
    Signal-to-noise ratio dB 6 5
    Bitswap on on
    Line attenuation dB 3 3
    Profile 17a
    G.Vector full full
    Carrier record A43 A43

    I just flashed another 7490 connected to another VDSL2 line with similar speeds.
    It took a long while (5 minutes after getting access using the webif) before the line was trained, but it went straight up to 111 Mbit/s and there's no difference in the 2 DSL pages.

    I tested the connection that reports to have 84 Mbit/s with and it reported a throughput of 102 Mbit/s.
    It seems there's something wrong with the reporting of the speed. Not the speed itself.

    Even stranger and worrying is that it's only 1 modem and not the other.
    For now I'm assuming I have a 109 Mbit/s connection.
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