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    Converting a German targeted Fritz!Box Fon Wlan to an International version

    I forgot to mention that after changing firmware_version to avme and rebooting the website doesn't come up (edited my post) and you should change the symlink. However, that shouldn't explain why all your leds started flashing. I had the same if I tried to upgrade with the annex A english...
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    Converting a German targeted Fritz!Box Fon Wlan to an International version

    I have read many post and all are different (or seem to be). This is how I did it: 1) got my black FBF7050 2) no recent english firmware was available, so i did only the annex A trick, with german firmware (good for my german btw :)) 3) I telnet to the box (first activate telnet with...
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    compiling the kernel for fritzbox

    Hi I downloaden the src package from ftp.avm.de/develpr. I whish to complile that kernel so i will get an ipv6 module which I can include in the kernel. How would I do that? running make in the kernel-src directory isn't as smooth as a standard kernel compilation :( arne
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    ipv6 modules for 14.04.20

    Hi I just installed 14.04.20 on my fbf. I can't/won't install ds-mod on it, so my question is following, does anybody have the ipv6.o module which I can download from debug.cfg, along with the binaries, like radvd etc...? thanks Arne
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    English firmware for german boxes

    I downloaded that file... telnet to my fbf 7050 (black). Changed the firmware_version (to avme) and annex (back to B) variable in /prov/avalanche/env. I uploaded the firmware above, everything seems to be fine (I get the german message telling me to wait till the fbf reboot). But after reboot I...
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    sip registrations sometimes disappear

    Hi My 7050 has a strange phenomenon. Sometimes, after a few days uptime, al my sipaccount appear to be registered, but in reality they are not registered (i have an own asterisk, so I can see it there, and also, my sipgate account shows offline on the website). If I submit a change in the...
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    english help needed for enum

    Hi I have a german branded 7050. I enabled the enum options in internettelephony options, i checked the "use enum". i registered with e164.org. the fritzbox doesn't seem to do enum lookups. Have I forgotten something? Will the enum lookup overrule the dialing rules? Will the...
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    fritzbox seems dead (english help needed)

    if my nic has an ip of x.y.z.5, during recovery he allways searches for x.y.z.2. Do i need to give my nic an ip of 192.168.178.x? of will he find the box with whatever IP? arne
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    fritzbox seems dead (english help needed)

    I did, no effect. I was wondering, the red cable, is it a straight cable or a cross cable? I can't check right now. I'm afraid this box is toasted arne
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    fritzbox seems dead (english help needed)

    Hi this morning, my FBF7050 seemed dead, (running 14.04.06 for weeks, with just openvpn on). Recovering didn't work (tried the recover program from avm). No leds start flashing (only an amber led INSIDE the fob). I think it's dead. It's one I bought from germany (1und1). Is there any change I...
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    what does iggd do?

    Hi if I create a tap0 interface with openvpn, I get messages from iggd May 29 19:23:11 multid[397]: interface tap2 new. Mon May 29 19:23:11 2006 TUN/TAP device tap2 opened Mon May 29 19:23:11 2006 Persist state set to: ON May 29 19:23:17 igdd[386]: check_noip_devices: new iface tap2...
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    brctl for fbf?

    ik the kernel has bridging support en those binaries will work (compiled for FBF) that's exactly what I needed :)
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    brctl for fbf?

    Hi I've installed openvpn on the FBF 7050. Instead of using the tun device, I wish to use a tap device, and put in bridging with the lan interface. Now I only get as far as using proxy_arp, which solves 90% of my needs, but I really would love to have some sort of brctl in the fritzbox... has...
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    ds-mod and 14.04.03-3452

    Hi Yesterday I tried to compile ds-mod against 14.04.03-3452 (downloaded it manually and changed only Config.in to the .03-3452 version). The FBF 7050 refused to boot. Luckely I saved the config and could use the restore tool included in the beta firmware). Does the current ds-mod only...
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    usb storage support?

    Hi, i see in the ds-mod config support for usb-storage. Does that mean you can attach an usb drive to the usb port? If so, how do you to that? Both external housing as fbf have the same usb connector... arne