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    Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7050 1&1 to Annex A ?

    Exist only one procedure, MOST DANGEROUS. You must change the bootloader (you can find it on the net) using telnet and recover your fritz to annex B 14.04.15 firmware. you must change the value of variables , and finally you can use the english annex A recovery. You can find the whole procedure...
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    Webinterface und invalid session

    Ok! You've been very helpful!! I'm going to replace webcm.. I want see what happens :) Many thanks! Regards, Massinge
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    Webinterface und invalid session

    I want to replace all the web interface with my italian modded 7170 interface. but the password (session id) control, prevent correct visualzzation (ciclic password request for timeout session). I hope you can understand me ;) Bye, Massinge
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    Webinterface und invalid session

    Hi to all! i need to know what library make control of session ID. I whish to manually modify one 7113 60.04.77 firmware interface, but this problem stop me. Thanks to all! Sorry for my very bad english but the deutch is worst..;)
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    Fritz!box fon wlan 7113 annex A internationale ver. Hilfe!

    Hi! DOes anyone have the AVM 7113 international Annex A firmware?? I've search everywhere on the web but nothing... Many thanks! I'm sorry but deutch speak it's imposssible for me :)
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    Install labor firmware on international 7170

    Hi! it's possible! please follow this simple steps (i'm sorry but my english is very bad.. i'm italian) 1) enter to telent and digit: echo "annex B" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment echo "firmware_info 29.04.30" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment Without restart, via web interface upgrade your...