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    [SOLVED] no dect registration w/ newer freetz on 7270

    It used to be that the my AVM MC-T DECT handset would automatically reregister itself with the 7270 after flashing. Since 2531 or so (I'm not sure) this no longer happens. In fact I can't register the handset at all. I've done the following to no avail: reset the handset reset the handset...
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    Does usbroot work on the 7270?

    I'm having problems manually loading the module Piglet_noemif using modprobe. During boot I drop into ashecho 'kernel_args init=/bin/ash' >/sys/kernel/urlader/environment Mount all virtual filesystems/lib/mdev/misc/virtual_fs mount Load the piglet as in usbroot...
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    Should we report AVM's GPL violations

    After having read On the news / GPL violation alleged and getting sick and tired of having to beg and plead AVM for sources (and everything we need to compile those) covered by GPL with every new release, I believe it may time to give AVM a "shot across the bow"... I'd like to hear your opinion;)
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    WARNING newcs

    Yesterday I was helping someone get their 7270 running with uclibc 0.29 based firmware. Every time newcs was started, the memory key threw a fit. I couldn't could find any files, not even the dot files. The key was still mounted. I could umount it, stop newcs and remount it, no probs... We were...
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    reopen & fix: ticket #71 Falscher Owner beim Anlegen von Dateien

    I'm not sure if it was the configuration or the newer firmware base, but this is fixed on my box now... At this time I'm using Labor-Version 54.04.99-11500-freetz-devel-2365M. It would be interesting to know if ntfs-3g is also fixed...
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    [solved] can't reopen ticket #4 7270 replace kernel I don't have permissions to reopen a ticket, I thought that worked at some point.
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    hotplug on different hardware

    Being that I have only the 7270, I'm wondering how the directory /sys differ to mine. Hoping someone could help me out here: can you please do the following ls -lR /sys >/tmp/$(uname -r)_sysfs.list find /sys -name dev >/tmp/$(uname -r)_sysfs.findPlease write the box model in your post and attach...
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    who wants to review hotpug II

    Hello, As you may have noticed I have released mdev 0.0.1 and 0.0.2 and the ippf thread may be found at The package is nothing more then an extended configuration for mdev and at the moment it can do everything hotplug 0.6a can on the...
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    hotplug II / mdev discussion and implementation

    Although I'm pleased with the design of the hotplug replacement (hpr), the module separation/scalability and potential configuration is not optimal. While allowing optimal design for block devices, it does support char devices very well. For example, implementing a simple interface for diverse...
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    7270 new sources available

    After many mails to AVM, they have finally put the GPL covered sources for the 7270 04-57 (04.06.2008 ) on their ftp server.:rosen:
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    (solved) total 7270 reset

    About a week ago I did something bad to my 7270: I've messed up TFFS and the urlader/environment. I can recover with a avm image. But as soon as I add freetz to it, the box continually reboots just about every 3 minutes. Can someone post the default /proc/sys/urlader/environment, please post...
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    aufs + opkg

    Attached are two, for what I believe, very import packages for freetz aufs - another unionfs: aufs is safer, smaller and faster than unionfs opkg - packaging system: ipkg is not being actively developed The corresponding packages contain patches for freetz configuration freetz build...
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    mount rootfs to /boot

    Does anyone know how I can mount root to /boot instead of / directly at boot-time. Is there perhaps a kernel parameter? And can busybox and cohorts work with that?
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    samba password

    I can't log onto my samba share when passwords are activated in the avm front-end. It works as soon as it's deactivated. I attempted to changed the password on the command line, but that didn't work either. Here's my configuration # cat /mod/etc/smb.conf ### global [global] netbios...
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    samba with aio & syslog

    I would like to see two enhancements for the samba configuration: --with-syslog Include experimental SYSLOG support (default=no) --with-aio-support Include asynchronous io support (default=no) Would this be possible for freetz-1.0?
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    umount at reboot/halt

    I can't find where partitions are being umounted at reboot or halt. That's not critical for non-cached filesystems, but others like ext2/ext3 and ntfs that potentially deadly... AFAIK no partitions are mounted with 'sync' option.
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    redirecting /dev/debug to syslogd

    While developing, it is sometimes helpful to continuously redirect /dev/debug to syslogd or even cat the char file without getting that broken pipe message. Eliminate the broken-pipe message with# echo AVMDBG_EOF 0 >/dev/debug And continuous monitoring through one of these, the latter...
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    starting syslogd when network ready

    I don't have access to a serial interface on the 7270 while booting. I was wondering how/where can I start syslogd asap. I would like see what exactly my problem is when booting with ntfs.
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    kernel missing symbols

    I'm trying to export a few internal kernel symbols for external module usage. I did an EXPORT_SYMBOL() on those symbols and built the new kernel. But when loading the new module on the box it complains about missing symbols. All four of the following symbols can be found in...
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    usbhost.users_enabled missing in ar7.cfg

    I was reviewing the avm samba control system and the above stuck out at me. Just a moment ago searched the entire original build path for references and found them in build/original/filesystem/etc/hotplug/run_mount build/original/filesystem/etc/hotplug/storage...