1. J

    Converting FB7270 v1 to English

    hello all I read on these fora that the image required for the international firmware is larger than 8MB. And indeed it is, the image I have just created using Freetz is 11MB. does this mean that it is impossible to change a FB7270 v1 (hw revision 122) to international using a firmware...
  2. J

    Freetz settings do not set

    Hi is it normal that the freetz settings do not persist over reboots? i have to reset all openVPN configs and certs each time the FB reboots at the moment. is the image fried or is this expected behaviour? thanks Justin
  3. J

    Problems flashing a Freetz image

    Hi I have a 7270 currently with FW 54.04.59 installed. i have been trying to build an image using freetz, to include openvpn (as for some reason i cannot find pre-compiled binaries for this). on ubuntu i cannot get the build process to be successful (after two days of effort). I was...
  4. J

    FB 7270 - English Firmware & WLAN drop outs

    I see that AVM are about to release the 7270 into the UK market. and that there is now an english manual available! does anyone know where i can get a copy of the english firmware? Additionally, since upgrading to the latest firmware two weeks ago, I am getting very frequent WLAN dropouts...
  5. J

    FB 7050 - problem with LanB and Wifi

    Hi i've got an old 7050 which i've used for years. recently i've noticed a problem in that i'm not able to access my LAN over WiFi and LanB. the set up i have is as follows: DSL -> 7050 7050 acts as gateway, of course LANA -> connects to DHCP and DNS server (winserver 2003) via a...
  6. J

    Fritz!Box 7270 and USB

    Hi I'm struggling with getting a USB drive to mount on a FB 7270 (fw 54.05.55). The box has custom firmware include macFuse and automount of NTFS and ext volumes. The volume i am trying to mount is a FAT32 volume. It appears that the FB recognises the volume, as it's there in the admin...
  7. J

    FB 7270 English Interface

    Hi I am about 75% through translating the interface into English. Can anyone tell me whether I am allowed to share this on the forum? I'd like to be able to give something back in return for all the help i've received. thanks Justin
  8. J

    FB 7270 and HFS

    Hi is it possible to mount HFS drives on the USB port of a 7270 and have the drive accessible on my Mac? i am using a 7270 with FW 54.05.55 and a custom freetz image. thanks Justin
  9. J

    Freetz and openVPN

    Hi thanks to help from this forum and the writers of Freetz, i have now successfully uploaded a new image to my FB7270 based on the new firmware (54.05.55). my issue now is with openvpn. the binary is properly installed and i have uploaded the certs and keys through the web...
  10. J

    Freetz - basic questions

    Hi i've built successfully a custom image using friboli on a mac version of vmware. good so far. i have tried to install the image using the firmware update utility in the FB interface. I cannot, however, find out whether the update has worked. so ... basic question 1: is there any way...
  11. J

    Freetz and AVM 7270

    Hi what config do i choose for a 7270 with Freetz in the menu conigurator? is it 'custom' and if so are there any subsequent choices that are advisable to keep things functional? thanks Justin
  12. J

    FTP and FB7270

    Hello is there an easy way to install an ftp daemon on the 7270? i see that ftpd is already there but i cannot seem to configure it so that it will allow me to upload files to the /var/tmp directory. i know that i can use a USB stick for the mods (openvpn etc) but i would find ftp...
  13. J

    Fritzbox 7270 as a NAT Router w/out DSL

    Hi is there any way to use the AVM 7270 as a NAT router to an ethernet supplied internet connection? e.g. cable or (in my case) an office LAN? the box currently has the Firmware-Version 54.04.44 but it is a surf&Phone N from 1 & 1. might it be that i have to return it to a vanilla...
  14. J

    WDS with AVM 7270 and any primary router?

    Hi I understand that WDS is essentially using the wireless card as both a client and a server at the same time. can you use WDS against any primary router or do BOTH ends have to be set up to use it? i am shortly to be in an environment where i will need to use my 7270 as router etc...
  15. J

    Translating UI to English - 7270

    Hello apologies for posting in english... i am starting a project of translating the UI of the 7270 to English. i want to use the .image file that comes with the firmware as a starting point but I can find no way to decompress the file to access the webpages. does anyone know of a way...
  16. J

    Multiple instances of OpenVPN

    hello is it possible to run multiple instances of openvpn on an avm 7050? i've tried running two instances from the same directory, from a second directory with a symlinked binary and from a second directory with a new download of the binary. no luck. thanks for any suggestions justin
  17. J

    Dial Delay: Configurable?

    Hello is it possible to configure the length of the dial delay (i.e. the delay that the AVM 7050 imposes after the last key press before it dials an outgoing number)? I know that I can enter '#' to force immediate dialling, but this messes up my internal address and phone book. At it's...
  18. J


    Hi there I am having a strange issue in that a command in my debug.cfg is not executing properly (it is properly typed...) i am trying to add an interface to the bridge using the command cd /var/tmp/vpn ./brctl addif lan tap0 but the interface never gets added. if i telnet into...
  19. J


    Hello my 7050 (latest uk f/ware) has a CONFIG_VPN="n" in its setup (telnet). also when I do a /bin/ar6cfgchanged i get lots of information about ike and etc. this all looks a bit like an avm access server. Could it be that the right stuff is already in the fritzbox and all...
  20. J

    OpenVPN over 7050

    I spoke too soon in a recent thread, when i thought I had openvpn working properly. In fact it seems that it is working inside my LAN but not from outside. I cannot reach it from a static IP to the router. my internal lan is all on the subnet. I'm trying to establish the VON...
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