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asterisk stable 1.0.6

Dieses Thema im Forum "Asterisk Allgemein" wurde erstellt von Karl23, 28 Feb. 2005.

  1. Karl23

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    8 Nov. 2004
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    Asterisk 1.0.6 ist da.



    Asterisk 1.0.6

    -- chan_iax2:
    -- Fixed a bug dealing with a division by zero that could cause a crash
    -- chan_sip:
    -- Behavior was changed so that when a registration fails due to DNS resolution issues,
    a retry will be attempted in 20 seconds.
    -- Peer settings were not reset to null values when reloading the configuration file.
    Behavior has been changed so that these values are now cleared.
    -- 'restrictcid' now properly works on MySQL peers.
    -- Only use the default callerid if it has been specified.
    -- Asterisk was not sending the same From: line in SIP messages during certain times.
    Fixed to make sure it stays the same. This makes some providers happier, to a working state.
    -- Certain circumstances involving a blank callerid caused asterisk to segmentation fault.
    -- There was a problem incorrectly matching codec availablity when global preferences were
    different from that of the user. To fix this, processing of SDP data has been moved
    to after determining who the call is coming from.
    -- Asterisk would run out of RTP ports while waiting for SUBSCRIBE's to expire even though
    an RTP port isn't needed in this case. This has been fixed by releasing the ports early.
    -- chan_zap:
    -- During a certain scenario when using flash and '#' transfers you would hear the
    other person and the music they were hearing. This has been fixed.
    -- A fix for a compilation issue with gcc4 was added.
    -- chan_modem_bestdata:
    -- A fix for a compilation issue with gcc4 was added.
    -- format_g729:
    -- Treat a 10-byte read as an end of file indication instead of an error. Some G729 encoders
    like to put 10-bytes at the end to indicate this.
    -- res_features:
    -- During certain situations when parking a call, both endpoints would get musiconhold.
    This has been fixed so the individual who parked the call will hear the digits and not
    -- app_dial:
    -- DIALEDPEERNUMBER is now being set, so if you attempted to use it in the past and failed
    it should work now.
    -- A callerid change caused many headaches, this has been reversed to the original 1.0 behavior.
    -- A crash caused with the combination of the 'g' option and # transfer was fixed.
    -- app_voicemail:
    -- If two people hit the voicemail system at the same time, and were leaving a message
    the second message was overwriting the first. This has been fixed so that each one
    is distinct and will not overwrite eachother.
    -- cdr_tds:
    -- If the server you were using was going down, it had the potential to bring your asterisk
    server down with it. Extra stuff has been added so as to bring in more error/connection
    -- cdr_pgsql:
    -- This will now attempt to reconnect after a connection problem.
    -- IAXY firmware:
    -- This has been updated to version 23. It includes a fix for lost registrations.
    -- internals
    -- Behavior was changed for 'show codec <number>' to make it more intuitive. (kshumard)
    -- DNS failures and asterisk do not get along too well, this is not totally the case anymore.
    -- Asterisk will now handle DNS failures at startup more gracefully, and won't crash and
    -- Choosing to append to a wave file would render the outputted wave file corrupt. Appending
    now works again.
    -- If you failed to define certain keys, asterisk had the potential to crash when seeing if you had
    used them.
    -- Attempting to use such things as ${EXTEN:-1} gave a wrong return value. However, this was never
    a documented feature...
  2. jui

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    18 Dez. 2004
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    Hmm, ich vermisse die neuen Parameter für sip.conf um den Umgang mit dynamischen IP's zu verbessern (Neuregistrierung beim SIP-Server nach WEchsel der IP). Das wird hier nicht erwähnt ist aber im CVS-HEAD enthalten.

    externrefresh= wiederholrate der prüfung auf neue ip

    Kann jemand sagen ob das Feature im stable Asterisk enthalten ist?


  3. WrMulf

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    2 Okt. 2004
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    Nein - wie "grep -ri externhost *" ergab.