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ATA-286 dead after downgrade via HTTP Server

Dieses Thema im Forum "Grandstream" wurde erstellt von mitjok75, 24 Feb. 2005.

  1. mitjok75

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    24 Feb. 2005
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    Hi all!

    First, I upgraded to the last version from TFTP server on
    the site http://gs-firmware.gratissip.dk/, after I decided to
    downgrade and used field "Firmware Update via HTTP Server" in the web
    configuration dialog. In this field I entered URL to firmware:
    http://gs-firmware.gratissip.dk/firmwares/ And rebooted.
    (ATA was connected to Ethernet Broadband router)

    At first device started to download, but after about 15-20 sec., the button
    start to flash with red in distinctive manner. After about 10 min I
    rebooted and after that can't access ATA-286 nor via phone, nor via

    Syslod Log during downgrade:
    2005-02-22 23:48:10     User.Info   GS_LOG:[00:0b:82:00:77:73][000] Loaded  bootload.bin
    2005-02-22 23:48:11     User.Warning   GS_LOG:[00:0b:82:00:77:73] [701] ERROR GET ht286.bin
    2005-02-22 23:48:13     User.Warning   GS_LOG:[00:0b:82:00:77:73][701] ERROR GET voc.bin
    I connected ATA-286 to Ethernet Broadband router and looked with
    Ethereal. ATA-286 seems to look for ip after reboot.

    I made the following recovery procedure:
    1. Connect ATA-286 to NIC with IP without router with crossover cable.
    2. Start Apache and configure the virtual server with the IP
    3. Place the firmware in root folder and in /firmwares/
    4. Rebooted device.

    But there was no indication of ATA-286 activity in Apache log.

    After that I configured virtual server to the IP address of http://gs-firmware.gratissip.dk/
    but still no success.

    I have: FreeBSD, NIC1-configured for external address, NIC-2 for local network, Apache,
    D-Link router.

    Could anyone help to figure out what could be the problem?
  2. rsl

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    27 Mai 2004
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    The firmware not knows HTTP- Update feature. With older firmware versions you can only update with TFTP Server. You have to build an LAN with DHCP- server and TFTP server IP 67.153. 142.66 (i hope this IP is correct for the old bootloader) In another old manual i found also TFTP IP but i´m not sure. You can show questions will be send from ATA with ethernet sniffer (e.g. Ethereal).