ATA-486 - was bringt ein Update auf 5.03???


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2 Jul 2004
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habe zur Zeit die folgende Version drauf:
Program-- Bootloader-- HTML-- VOC--

Was bringt ein Update auf die Version 5.03 - ist das z.Zt. die aktuellste?
Hat das schon jemand auf einem ATA-486 getestet?
Wenn ja von welchem download?

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30 Jun 2004
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Auch wenn über die Funktionen der Version hier im Forum schon mehrfach berichtet wurde, hier nochmal das Changelog von 10468 -> 10453

Release 6/21/2004
Fix the (accidental) caller ID issue for HandyTone series
Fix the RTP timestamp issue for iLBC 30ms mode (it was not incrementing)

Release 6/18/2004
¡¤ Fix the bug in a pattern matching function
¡¤ Fix the run-time noise issue for HT286
¡¤ Re-enabled the config option ¡°SIP Registration¡± (Yes/No)

Release 6/16/2004
¡¤ Fix the issue that when Ringtone file is not properly selected
(e.g., an invalid ringtone file is selected), the system will
not ring when an incoming call is received; also comment out
certain custom ringtone related code that is not needed for HT series.
¡¤ Fix the reason phrase for 202 accepted and 400 bad request
¡¤ Fix the issue where SDP is included in the ACK where it should not.
¡¤ Fix the bug related to *70, **, and etc
¡¤ Fix the problem that is causing http hanging sometimes
¡¤ Fix the bug related to updating cloned MAC address for 486
¡¤ Tolerate SIP INFO message with From tag (will not send 400 bad req
¡¤ Fix the 3xx call forwarding issue (Diversion)
¡¤ Fix the issue that changes in WAN MAC address affect LAN MAC address
¡¤ Fix the issue where if STUN server is not accessible at device reboot
(such as Call Forwarding, Do-Not-Disturb)
¡¤ Add a master control option to enable/disable call features (call
¡¤ change the string to activate voice prompt from "**" to "***"

Release 6/1/2004
¡¤ Fix the PPPoE related issue
1. nak MRU bug introduced in
2. Israel findings of no PAP if nak our magic of 0 after ACKSENT
3. add slow start PPP LCP to yield to server

Release 5/27/2004
¡¤ enhanced PPPoE to handle both 1492 and 1500 MTU in a more tolerant
fashion (if remote side insists on 1500, we will be agreeable; for
outbound TCP traffic, we will use 1492 in TCP negotiation)

Release 5/24/2004
¡¤ Fix the parameter initialization issue that blocks call
waiting (bug introduced recently)
¡¤ When loading config parameters from Flash at reboot, use
default setting if a certain parameter is out of range
¡¤ Fix the issue where STUN IP:port change detection packet
is not sent periodically

Release 5/17/2004
¡¤ Fix the issue related to subsequent REGISTER upon receiving 302 response
¡¤ Improved 486 performance

Release 5/15/2004
¡¤ fix the issue where ACK with SDP format is incorrect (the separator
line between SIP and SDP is overwritten by the SDP length)
¡¤ Add support for pressing ** to remotely access the IVR menu (HandyTone)
¡¤ Support automated switching to PCM upon detection of FAX tone (this is
especially helpful when the device is configured using other codecs
different from PCM).
¡¤ Fix the bugs related to call forwarding, do not disturb, etc. Please
note that under IP-to-IP mode, you need to first enter the IP calling
mode and then press *72 (or *90 or *92) to activate the call forwarding.

HTML: 5/14/2004
¡¤ Removed Voice Mail UserID for HandyTone
¡¤ Removed Dial Plan Length matching option

Release 5/14/2004
¡¤ fix the issue related to 302 response to REGISTER (we do not retry)
¡¤ use different From tag in subsequent requests upon receiving 401/407
¡¤ allow potentially non-80 port to be used for HTTP server
¡¤ fixed the timer issue that is causing unanswered call to be terminated
within 6 seconds
¡¤ removed the dial plan length matching function

Fixes from previous unstable release (for reference here):
¡¤ Add support for Do-not-disturb, Call Forward (Unconditional, Busy and
and Diversion header:
Do not disturb = *70
Unconditional Call Forward = *72
--Cancel UCF = *73
Busy Call Forward = *90
--Cancel BCF = *91
Delayed Call Forward = *92
--Cancel DCF = *93
¡¤ Fix the scrambled ringback tone issue when the callee sends multiple 180
within a short period of time.
¡¤ DHCP client-server renewal looping fix
¡¤ start pppoe first if pppoe account is given, fallback to DHCP if attempt
trial fails.
¡¤ Enhanced DHCP client so that it will automatically start DHCP discovery
sending repeated DHCP requests without getting any responses

- fix the problem of direct IP calling
- bootload.bin: allow downloading up to 3 blocks big ringx.bin file
- support G722 wideband ring tone
- Attached G722, G711, G726 music ring tone for comparison. Obviously G722 is superior to G711
- Attached female ring tone with English callid

Release 5/10/2004
¡¤ Fix the http header issue
¡¤ 486 portmap mac index sync up with dhcp server client table.
¡¤ 486 DHCP server offers to clients uses a wrong lease time (already
available in previous release. This is just a code re-synch)
¡¤ fix the typo in bootloader (still
¡¤ further fine tuning of G168 parameters to balance between performance
and resource use

Release 5/7/2004
¡¤ Add port change detection in IP address change checking using STUN
¡¤ Fix the typo of ¡°Adelaide¡±
¡¤ Fix the issue where we send wrong INVITE upon receiving 302 to a
REGISTER request

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