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25 Mai 2004
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Hier der Changelog:
26.10.2004 version

* change: updated language files for chinese and japanese
* bugfix: Skype gave access violation after anding a SkypeOut call under rare circumstances
* bugfix: Skype gave access violation on calling SkypeOut contact from call-> menu

21.10.2004 version

* feature: watermarks
* feature: Import Contacts (in Tools menu)
* feature: "Send file to Skype contact" shell extension in Windows Explorer
* feature: language editor now remembers load and store paths
* feature: addressbar auto-completion with contactlist names
* feature: addressbar now accepts fullname for calling
* feature: adding a new SkypeOut number to Contacts from Call tab
* feature: transparency-gradient selection bar
* feature: Skype API
* change: updated many language files
* change: when adding a contact, click Next in Finished dialog takes to first screen and empties the userhandle editbox
* change: default autoaway and auto-na times are now 5 and 20 minutes
* change: webpage and e-mail limit changed to 100 in personal profile
* bugfix: if Language Editor is open in background, but somewhere in the back, choosing from menu "Tools -> Edit Skype Language File" will bring this window in front
* bugfix: Start Tab content was not displayed if connection was made "too quickly"
* bugfix: if Manage Blocked Users window is open in background, "Tools -> Manage Blocked Users" brings this window in front
* bugfix: calltab is correctly updated if 2nd call drops off the conference during conference hold
* bugfix: IM: commas do not break links anymore
* bugfix: tooltips containing a pipe symbol are now displayed correctly
* bugfix: addressbar history dropdown items can be deleted with 'del'
* bugfix: contactlist/callhistory tooltip is capable of displaying unicode
* bugfix: adding existing SkypeOut contacts to Contacts correctly disabled in call history
* bugfix: IM - links with smileys are handled correctly
* bugfix: better time estimate message for file transfers over 24 hours long
* bugfix: links with ( dont work in IM
* bugfix: File Transfer - Unicode characters in filename handled correctly
* bugfix: File Transfer remembers the target directory
* bugfix: conference topic is correctly displayed if contains non-ASCII characters
* bugfix: conference participant's information correctly updated
* bugfix: if non-host put conference on hold, it messed up the other non-hosts' conference tabs
* bugfix: in some cases 'conference username' stayed in Menu.Call->Hold after dismissing conference.
* bugfix: Contact List ordered correctly after SkypeOut number added
* bugfix: File Transfer - message shown when trying to send a file to a blocked person
* bugfix: File Transfer - fixed case when file extension got lost
* bugfix: reduced flicker when resizing IM window
* bugfix: all Skype dialogs placed in the middle of the screen
* bugfix: many Unicode handling fixes
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