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I got two spare FB7390 and i am trying to set them up to act as access points. One in basement and one in 2nd floor.
I went through the wizard and chose the option existing internet connection over LAN1 and i I disabled DHCP from FB.

The problem that i face is the upload when using the wifi. It is SOOOOO SLLOOOOOW. While the download works fine. Also when connecting my laptop by ethernet cable to FB everything works fine, so it is only a wifi issue.

Any ideas please?
I went through the wizard and chose the option existing internet connection over LAN1 and i I disabled DHCP from FB.
If the 7390 is set up as an WiFi-AP according to the instructions, DHCP is already disabled by default.

In e.g. Mb/s or kb/s please.

What kind of Laptop is this? Which WLAN-Chipset is installed? The 7390 has problems with at least 2 WLAN-Chipsets, low data rate in the US is a characteristic of this:
The guide you mentioned is the one that i followed to set my FB 7390 as an access p
Here are the results:
-Laptop via cable to FB 7390: https://www.speedtest.net/result/16382819167
-Mobile phone via wifi (5Ghz) to FB7390: https://www.speedtest.net/result/16382817304. Tried more than 10 different manufacturers of Mobile phones. Also tried different laptops, all have the same behavior in Wifi with the mobile phones.

The problem has been noticed when tried to send emails, or attachments to services such as What's app, Viber, etc that the attachments took ages and never send.

Here are my FB_7390 settings. If needed i can provide the diagnostics data.


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So any ideas how to fix it please?i got two of them and both have the same issue
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