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Fritz 7050 als Router ohne NAT

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box Fon: DSL, Internet und Netzwerk" wurde erstellt von yngve0, 12 Nov. 2005.

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    Sorry for writing in englisch, I am able to read german so you are more than welcome to answer/follow up in German language.

    I have searched through this excellent forum(!), but havent been able to get answer on my needs here:

    I have a Fritz7050, where I want to connect lan-A to internett and lan-B to a switch/WLAN-network with a couple of workstations.
    So far, so good, I have in a way been able to make it work. But I really want to disable NAT in the Fritz.Box, so everything in lan-B-subnet is routable from lan-A-subnet (and uposite). That's because I have a serie of public IP's.

    Of course I could connect all workstations parallell to Fritz (lan-A-side) , but I want to let Fritz control the bandwithusage.

    Any good Idees?

    Best regards,

    Ski, Norway