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[INFO] Earthling IPv6 Firmware für WRT54G

Dieses Thema im Forum "Linksys" wurde erstellt von der_Gersthofer, 21 Mai 2005.

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    The firmware rework enables the WRT54G to
    a) acquire a publicly routeable /64 IPv6 prefix,
    b) provide IPv6 addresses from that prefix to hosts on the home network, and
    c) route IPv6 home network traffic to the greater IPv6 Internet.

    The firmware modification does not affect the ability of the WRT54G to support IPv4 traffic as it was designed to do. IPv4 and IPv6 traffic coexist on the home network side by side without interfering with each other. This dual IPv4/IPv6 support makes the WRT54G with the added IPv6 functionality a perfect model IPv6 transition device.

    Das ist also die Zukunft des Internets.