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nachdem ich jetzt schon einige Tage mitlese, habe ich heute was festgestellt, was evtl. für alle interessant sein könnte.
Ich habe vorhin mal auf dem Server von Draytek geschaut und gesehen, dass es seit dem 2.6.04 eine neue Firmware gibt. Es handelt sich dabei um die 2.51. Aus dem Changelog geht folgendes hervor:


Release Notes for Vigor2500 router series Firmware
Firmware Version : v2.51
Released : 2004/05/25

Applied Models : Vigor2500, Vigor2500We

Note : The RST file will clear out all existing router settings back to factory
defaults. You must use the RST file if you are experience unusual results after
upgrading with the ALL file.

Do not then attempt to restore old settings from a backup file made with
from previous firmware. After upgrading, please check that your web configurator
shows the firmware version/build listed above.

multi-PVC support shall be referred to ISP services. You are recommended not to
use this portion if your ISP did not support multi-PVC.

You are recommended to select "UBR" of QoS for internet Access if you only use
one PVC to access internet.

[release]: the same firmware for annex A and B
1> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.27.
( recommended for annex A [POTS] )
2> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.20.
( recommended for annex B [ISDN], Netherlands, Spain, and so on )
( For annex A, US, China )
3> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.46.
( Try this if you have sync problem on adsl. )
4> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.20.
( For Australia only )

1. Please select modulation to "MULTI" or "T1.413" when your adsl line was
annex B ( ADSL Over ISDN) and it only can work with Alcatel ETSI Mode.
2. Please try to use modem code v3.20 if you meet sync problem.

[1. New Features]
1.1 Add telnet command "sys sip_alg [value]"
- Some devices need sip ALG(Application Layer Gateway), but others don't need that.
If the value is zero, the router will disable SIP ALG function.
If the value is one, the router will enable SIP ALG function.
[2. Fixed problems]
2.1 WEB UI Correction
- SNMP function issue
- >> VPN and Remote Access Setup >> LAN-to-LAN Profile Setup UI issue in MAC OS
* Field "4.TCP/IP Network Settings" inviable
* Can't be set right
- In some country "PPPoE/PPPoA Client Mode" apply cause no action.
- VPN page display mismatch when Country Code set to UK.
- On MAC OS X10.3 Safari browser un-Normal present:
- ">> NAT Setup >> DMZ Host Setup" Page.
- ">> NAT Setup >> Open Ports Setup" Page.
- After ending a VPN-session, the VPN LED doesn't switch off.
- When IPSec connection builded, the VPN LED doesn't light on.
2.3 DHCP table show the digital inverse when using 2nd Subnet.
2.4 "IP Filter/Firewall Setup & General Setup" setting can't clear
after using RST file upgrade.


Release Notes for Vigor2500 router series Firmware
Firmware Version : v2.50
Released : 2004/03/22

Applied Models : Vigor2500, Vigor2500We


[1. New Features]
1.1 Aggressive mode for IKE/IPSec.
1.2 remote access(Host to LAN) by using IPSec tunnel mode.
1.3 AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for IPSec.
1.4 802.1x in all of Wireless model.
1.5 Content filtering.
1.6 VPN over Wireless.
1.7 Second subnet IP as VPN server IP.
> vpn 2ndsubnet on : Enable it.
> vpn 2ndsubnet off : Disable it.
1.8 support multi-pvc setting on WUI.
a. select "Internet Access Setup"-->"Multi-PVCs" to set up the PVCs setting.
b. Maximum pvcs are 8 now, and it can be upto 16 pvcs in the feature.
c. Router will set 2 default pvc channels when reset to factory default
or configuration was v2.5 before.
d. Router will ask user to set Multi-PVCs when it can't find any pvc setting.
1.9 support to use manual setting primary and secondary DNS for Vigor and dhcp
client IP from Vigor.
> srv dhcp frcdnsmanl on : Enable it.
> srv dhcp frcdnsmanl off : Disable it.
1.10 VLAN/Rate Control.
a. Virtual LAN, it can devide all to groups from people connect to the same
Switch/Hub for security or traffic issues.
b. Rate Control allow you to set up per port forwarding rate independ by In-bound
or Out-bound.

[2. Improvements]
2.1 new NAT mechanism.
2.2 ARP attack defense in DoS.
2.3 IP conflict resolution.
2.4 Support MSN 6.0 passthrough NAT
2.5 "2st" of WUI of reboot will appear only when 2nd
subnet was enabled.
2.6 change WUI text "Remote Access User Setup (Host-to-LAN)" to
"Remote User Profile Setup (Teleworker)".
2.7 upgrade the wireless AP Tertiary code to 2.0.4 for wireless card firmware 1.4.9.
2.8 Support MPPE for MS-CHAP v1 authentication
2.9 Allow to specify MPPE encryption type on server side
2.10 Allow to configure detailed parameters for IKE/IPSec from Web Configurator
2.11 Allow syslog information through VPN
2.12 DHCP relay agent for remote LAN(VPN)
2.13 VoIP(SIP base)passthrough improvement

[3. Fixed problems]
3.1 WAN online time for DHCP client,
DHCP client renew time do not replace existing default gateway,
DHCP relay agent strategy.
3.2 PPPoE bug for change mss.
3.3 DNS proxy.
3.4 IKE event protect timeout situation.
3.5 prevent IKE memory leakage.
3.7 Check arp correctness.
3.8 arp table flush.
3.9 PPTP fragment packets.
3.10 UPNP with MSN6.0, and UPnP with Direct X issue.
Gerade der Punkt "VoIP(SIP base)passthrough improvement" dürfte wohl für uns interessant sein.
Ich habe die Firmware auch gleich ausprobiert (ist übrigens englisch!) und kann jetzt auf jeden Fall schonmal auch mit meinem BT-101 über Siptel raus telefonieren und werde auch auf der anderen Seite gehört. Das "Ewig-klingeln" Problem scheint aber immer noch zu bestehen.
Mit der alten 2.3.12 Firmware (IIRC) wurde man noch nicht mal gehört. Da scheint es also wirklich eine Besserung zu geben.

Hoffe ich kann euch damit helfen.


p.s. Hier der Link zum download der Firmware:


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Hallo Stephan,

super Beitrag, ich hoffe das löst dann so manches Problem mit dem Router. Vielen Dank!


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