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25 Mai 2004
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18.08.2004 version

* feature: added hotkey to mute microphone
* feature: Greek and Norwegian language added
* feature: installer accepts /nostartup cmd paramater
* feature: "start skype when windows starts" checkbox on Create user/login form
* feature: added 'send file' menu items to CallTab menu and call History menu
* feature: FileTransfer - when no programm is associated to received file, standard Windows open dialog is displayed
* change: new language files - French, Dutch, German, Simplified Chinese
* change: beautification of send and receive contacts and critical error report dialogs
* change: e-mail addresses with subdomains starting with a number allowed
* change: special text is displayed if user has contacts but none of them are online, and only online contacts are to be displayed
* change: incoming call is not rejected any more if one auto-answered call is active
* bugfix: ShowEmoticons option working again
* bugfix: Access Violation on cancelling FileTransfer
* bugfix: "return" keys are handled correctly on Autorization window
* bugfix: Manage Blocked Users window title corrected
* bugfix: "Cancel" is now the default choice in Authorize dialog
* bugfix: warning message if sending Messages not authorized by you
* bugfix: smaller than 1kB files size is shown in bytes
* bugfix: critical error report falls back to opening browser window when necessary
* bugfix: user profile fields length limited
* bugfix: send contacts is finished clearer to the user
* bugfix: big smileys with small d-s accepted :)d, :-d, :=d)
* bugfix: ignored call is displayed on the start-tab as missed as soon as the call is finished.
* bugfix: start conference title corrected
* bugfix: error on sending contacts when other part had not authorized You
* bugfix: installer detected only standard French as French language in regional settings
* bugfix: main window got only partially visible status when opened by click on tray balloon on some cases
* bugfix: authorization dialog unicode handling corrected
* bugfix: authorization dialog did not fit long text
* bugfix: avatars shown correctly on authorization dialogs
* bugfix: double messages in Message window when reopening the window
* bugfix: Skype crashed on logging in as a new user
* bugfix: when logging out or changing user all FileTransfer windows are closed
* bugfix: error updating existing speed-dial for a user
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