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Probleme mit Sounddateien

Dieses Thema im Forum "Asterisk Allgemein" wurde erstellt von Shark, 17 Feb. 2005.

  1. Shark

    Shark Neuer User

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    25 Nov. 2004
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    ich habe mal wieder ein kleines Problem oder vielleicht ein doch grosses :eek:

    Immer wenn ich von mein Asterisk Server mit den Beutzer [1234] jemanden anrufen möchte bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung:

    File beep.gsm does not exist
    Unable to open beep.gsm
    No application EnumLookup

    Laut Fehlermeldung sagt der mir das die Sounddateien nicht vorhanden sind, aber in dem Verzeichnis


    existieren die Dateien.

    Hier mal ein Auszug aus meiner Datei extensions.conf


    exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},60)
    exten => 1234,2,Congestion
    exten => 1234,102,Busy

    exten => _+.,1,Playback(beep.gsm);doing-enum-lookup
    exten => _+.,2,EnumLookup(431${EXTEN:1})
    exten => _+.,3,BackGround(enum-lookup-succesfull)
    exten => _+.,4,SetCallerID(+49441882[email protected]); eigene SIP URI
    exten => _+.,5,Dial(SIP/${ENUM},30,tr)
    exten => _+.,6,Hangup
    exten => _+.,102,Busy

    hat einer eine Ahnung was ich machen muss?

  2. lo4dro

    lo4dro Mitglied

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    14 Okt. 2004
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    Die "asterisk.conf" passt zu deiner Verzeichniss Strucktur?
    Die Rechte passen?
  3. Shark

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    25 Nov. 2004
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    Hallo Lothar,

    hier ein Auszug aus meiner asterisk.conf Datei:
    astetcdir => /etc/asterisk
    astmoddir => /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
    astvarlibdir => /var/lib/asterisk
    astagidir => /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
    astspooldir => /var/spool/asterisk
    astrundir => /var/run
    astlogdir => /var/log/asterisk
    uniquename = asterisk

    was von den deutet auf die sounddateien hin?

  4. mac_7

    mac_7 Neuer User

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    25 Jan. 2005
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    starte doch mal dein * mit z.b. asterisk -vvvc und schau dir die fehler an
    dann vieleicht mal *CLI> show applications
    eingeben was application da sind
    EnumLookup: Lookup number in ENUM
    scheint ja schon mal zu fehlen
    ach ja die ext beim soundfile kannst du dir schenken
    exten => _+.,1,Playback(beep);doing-enum-lookup
    dürfte es hier bringen wenn die codecs installiert sind
    kannst du auch mp3, wav usw. abspielen

    cake*CLI> show application Playback
      -= Info about application 'Playback' =-
    Play a file
      Playback(filename[|option]):  Plays  back  a  given  filename (do not put
    extension). Options may also be  included following a pipe symbol. The 'skip'
    option causes the playback of the message to  be  skipped  if  the  channel
    is not in the 'up' state (i.e. it hasn't been  answered  yet. If 'skip' is
    specified, the application will return immediately should the channel not be
    off hook.  Otherwise, unless 'noanswer' is specified, the channel channel will
    be answered before the sound is played. Not all channels support playing
    messages while still hook. Returns -1 if the channel was hung up, or if the
    file does not exist. Returns 0 otherwise.
    cake*CLI> show applications
        -= Registered Asterisk Applications =-
           AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute maximum time of call
            AddQueueMember: Dynamically adds queue members
                  ADSIProg: Load Asterisk ADSI Scripts into phone
        AgentCallbackLogin: Call agent callback login
                AgentLogin: Call agent login
      AgentMonitorOutgoing: Record agent's outgoing call
                       AGI: Executes an AGI compliant application
             AlarmReceiver: Provide support for receving alarm reports from a burglar or fire alarm panel
                    Answer: Answer a channel if ringing
        AppendCDRUserField: Append to the CDR user field
              Authenticate: Authenticate a user
                Autoanswer: Autoanswer a call
           AutoanswerLogin: Log in for autoanswer
                BackGround: Play a file while awaiting extension
          BackgroundDetect: Background a file with talk detect
                      Busy: Indicate busy condition and stop
               CallingPres: Change the presentation for the callerid
             ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel
               ChanIsAvail: Check if channel is available
                CheckGroup: CheckGroup(max[@category])
                Congestion: Indicate congestion and stop
           ControlPlayback: Play a file with fast forward and rewind
                       Cut: Cut(newvar=varname|delimiter|fieldspec)
                  DateTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
                     DBdel: Delete a key from the database
                 DBdeltree: Delete a family or keytree from the database
                     DBget: Retrieve a value from the database
                     DBput: Store a value in the database
                   DeadAGI: Executes AGI on a hungup channel
                      Dial: Place a call and connect to the current channel
              DigitTimeout: Set maximum timeout between digits
                 Directory: Provide directory of voicemail extensions
                      DISA: DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
                      EAGI: Executes an EAGI compliant application
                      Echo: Echo audio read back to the user
                EnumLookup: Lookup number in ENUM
                      Eval: Eval(newvar=somestring)
                      Exec: Exec(Appname(arguments))
                  Festival: Say text to the user
                     Flash: Flashes a Zap Trunk
                   ForkCDR: Forks the Call Data Record
                  GetCPEID: Get ADSI CPE ID
             GetGroupCount: GetGroupCount([groupname][@category])
                      Goto: Goto a particular priority, extension, or context
                    GotoIf: Conditional goto
                GotoIfTime: Conditional goto on current time
                    Hangup: Unconditional hangup
           HasNewVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101
              HasVoicemail: Conditionally branches to priority + 101
                HoldedCall: Answer a parked call
                      ICES: Encode and stream using 'ices'
           LookupBlacklist: Look up Caller*ID name/number from blacklist database
             LookupCIDName: Look up CallerID Name from local database
                     Macro: Macro Implementation
             MailboxExists: Check if vmbox exists
                    MeetMe: MeetMe conference bridge
               MeetMeAdmin: MeetMe conference Administration
               MeetMeCount: MeetMe participant count
                 Milliwatt: Generate a Constant 1000Hz tone at 0dbm (mu-law)
                   Monitor: Monitor a channel
                 MP3Player: Play an MP3 file or stream
               MusicOnHold: Play Music On Hold indefinitely
                    NBScat: Play an NBS local stream
                     NoCDR: Make sure asterisk doesn't save CDR for a certain call
                      NoOp: No operation
                      Park: Park yourself
           ParkAndAnnounce: Park and Announce
                ParkedCall: Answer a parked call
                  PickDown: Channel independent call pickdown.
                    PickUp: Channel independent call pickup.
                PickupChan: Channel independent call pickup.
                  Playback: Play a file
                 Playtones: Play a tone list
                    Prefix: Prepend leading digits
            PrivacyManager: Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent
                  Progress: Indicate progress
                     Queue: Queue a call for a call queue
                    Random: Conditionally branches, based upon a probability
                      Read: Read a variable
                    Record: Record to a file
         RemoveQueueMember: Dynamically removes queue members
                  ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record
           ResponseTimeout: Set maximum timeout awaiting response
                   Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
                  SayAlpha: Say Alpha
                 SayDigits: Say Digits
                 SayNumber: Say Number
               SayPhonetic: Say Phonetic
               SayUnixTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
                  SendDTMF: Sends arbitrary DTMF digits
                 SendImage: Send an image file
                  SendText: Send a Text Message
                   SendURL: Send a URL
                SetAccount: Sets account code
               SetAMAFlags: Sets AMA Flags
               SetCallerID: Set CallerID
             SetCallerPres: Set CallerID Presentation
           SetCDRUserField: Set the CDR user field
                SetCIDName: Set CallerID Name
                 SetCIDNum: Set CallerID Number
              SetGlobalVar: Set global variable to value
                  SetGroup: SetGroup(groupname[@category])
               SetLanguage: Sets user language
            SetMusicOnHold: Set default Music On Hold class
                    SetVar: Set variable to value
               SIPDtmfMode: Change the dtmfmode for a SIP call
                       SMS: Communicates with SMS service centres and SMS capable analogue phones
                SoftHangup: Soft Hangup Application
                     Steal: Channel independent call stealing. Just like pickup but for answered channels.
               StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
             StopPlaytones: Stop playing a tone list
                  StripLSD: Strip Least Significant Digits
                  StripMSD: Strip leading digits
                 SubString: (Deprecated) Save substring digits in a given variable
                    Suffix: Append trailing digits
                    System: Execute a system command
                TestClient: Execute Interface Test Client
                TestServer: Execute Interface Test Server
                  Transfer: Transfer caller to remote extension
                 TrySystem: Try executing a system command
                TXTCIDName: Lookup caller name from TXT record
                 UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event to the manager interface
                   Verbose: Send arbitrary text to verbose output
                 VoiceMail: Leave a voicemail message
                VoiceMail2: Leave a voicemail message
             VoiceMailMain: Enter voicemail system
            VoiceMailMain2: Enter voicemail system
                      Wait: Waits for some time
                 WaitExten: Waits for some time
               WaitForRing: Wait for Ring Application
           WaitMusicOnHold: Wait, playing Music On Hold
                Zapateller: Block telemarketers with SIT
                  ZapBarge: Barge in (monitor) Zap channel
                    ZapRAS: Executes Zaptel ISDN RAS application
                   ZapScan: Scan Zap channels to monitor calls