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VoIP Panne beim US- Militaer..

Dieses Thema im Forum "Lesestoff" wurde erstellt von rsl, 2 Mai 2005.

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    Wenn man das im Heise- Ticker http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/59191 angesprochene Dokument etwas naeher anschaut ist ersichtlich dass die US Army lediglich mit VoIP und Funk arbeitet:

    The 1-76 TOC had two means of communicating with 4th Brigade, its higher headquarters: Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)2 and FM.

    The 1-76 FA Battle Captain was using only VOIP to communicate with 1-69 IN, but experienced problems with VOIP, therefore losing its only communication link with 1-69 IN, other than going through 4th Brigade. (Annex 97C).

    As a result, the Battle Captain was unable to pass updated information about the blocking mission either directly to 1-69 IN, or to 4th Brigade. He did not attempt to contact 4th Brigade via FM communications. (Annex 63C).

    Fourth Brigade, in turn, could not pass updated information to its major command, 3ID. (Annex 57C). Likewise, 3ID had no new information to pass to its subordinate command, 2/10 MTN. Finally, 2/10 MTN was thus unable to pass updated information to its subordinate command, 1-69 IN. (Annexes 51C, 52C).