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100MB Internet Speed Problem: Netcologne Glasfaser

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  1. tupo

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    21 Aug. 2006
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    Hi All,

    1st of all, apologies for posting in English but Im really hoping someone can offer me some advice on what to do here.

    I have the standard Netcologne setup. Zyxel Cable Modem linked to the terrible Netcologne premium Router but cannot get past around 50mb as the top speed.
    From what I understand this is due to the LAN1 port not being able to cope with the full speed of the internet connection.

    Performing speed tests I get around 35mbps :(

    I looked through a previous post mentioning it is possible to get full speed if you connect the PC to a switcher. But the only problem here is that each PC that gets connected via cable needs settings altering which isnt very efficient.

    The settings are definately not incorrect on the laptop as when I go into the office for work I get 85mps on the speed test using a IAD200 router (Switch?)

    What do you think is the best option here? Call Netcologne and demand an IAD200 instead? OR purchase a suitable router to replace the Netcologne premium.
    If I replace the router, does it have to be a VDSL router? Or simply a router than can handle high throughput speeds such as the new gigabit capable routers on the market.

    i.e: http://www.dlink.co.uk/cs/Satellite...95808621247&pagename=DLinkEurope-GB/DLWrapper

    Am I correct in thinking that in the future a port of the router may be used for IP TV services? If so. Would switching routers make the trasition to this technology more difficult.

    Sorry for so many questions. Im just dumfounded how Netcologne can ship out a router than cannot deliver the speeds which a user pays for :(

    James (Tupo)

    Apparantly the only way to get the full speed is to use a switch behind the zyxel modem. -> viewtopic.php?f=11&t=12&start=20
    if you dont need the phone you can plug the PC directly into the Zyxel modem.
    than you need a PPPoE Connection on VLan 10


    If I buy a switch. Then a router capable of handing 1gb speeds. i.e http://netgear.com/Products/RoutersandGateways/RangeMaxWirelessNRoutersandGateways/WNDR3700.aspx

    I could connect the router to the switch and then plug the PC through the router and achieve these speeds also?
    I would prefer having a firewall around the net connection. Also I need to be able to achieve the full speed through the Xbox360 and PS3 :D
  2. antivirus

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    21 März 2009
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    I have me build a Intel Atom 330 board, / 1 gig ram/ 40 g hd /intel 10-100-1000 onboard / graka onboard / with 30 watt PSU /and a second Marvell Network card
    run all under pfSense ( freebsd) and VALN id 10

    This are now my Vlan Router between my Lan-> intel atom -> and Switch -> zyxel VDSL + Modem 870

    And now i have Full Speed on Lan.

    i hope it help you...