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7170 and PPPoA in UAE

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    unfortunately my FBF 7170 i brought to Dubai is not to be used yet. i had to buy from Etisalat (currently only tier 2 provider and only ISP for the district i live in) their standard Siemens Speedstream 6520. Etisalat's ingineer told me that it has to support PPPoA. also the wall outlets and jacks are UK (but possible to buy converter US-UK for ~2 EUR).
    surely i would like to use FBF 7170 as DSL modem (apart of the will to use Asterisk/IAX for cheap international calls and having german inbound number). can anyone help me on this, what i have to do with my FBF 7170 to make it support PPPoA?
    what i can read from Speedstream's status page about current DSL and ATM connections:

    VPI/VCI 0/50
    Protocol PPPoA

    thank you very much in advance!

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