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D-Link DI-604 neue Firmware Version 3.09

Dieses Thema im Forum "D-Link" wurde erstellt von gregor, 22 Jan. 2005.

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    die neue Firmware gibt es bei D-Link.

    Auszug aus der history.txt:

    Problems Resolved:
    1. Fix Router hang up under Windows XP SPII system with UPnP enabled.
    2. Support auto-port identification for i2eyes devices.
    3. Support Virtual Server loopback feature, user can access the virtual servers in the same LAN environment using WAN IP.
    4. Add checking mechanism for the settings of DDNS entries.
    5. Solve the performance issue when connecting with 10-BASE DSL/Cable modem so that user can surf the internet with his available bandwidth.

    Gruss Gregor