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Hello to everyone! :) I'm writing here because I've found many interesting topics about the D-Link Horstbox Standard (DVA-G3342SD) on this forum.
We are working on an italian forum (http://www.ilpuntotecnicoeadsl.com/forum/index.php) to see if we can adapt the HBX Std firmware to a wireless ADSL modem/router with exactly the same hardware given by an italian ISP to its customers which unfortunately has some great limitations with the current firmware and is no longer supported.
To study the feasibility of a firmware porting we need to have a dump of the whole 8Mb HBX Std flash and I hope that someone here could help us.
Thanks in advance to everyone, even for reading my post! :)

p.s. For the ones interested, below I explain how to make a flash dump. Making a flash dump is very simple and you don't need to open the HBX Std.

  • You just need to download a TFTP server:


    It's freeware: you can freely download, install and use it.
  • To do all the rest you have to be logged as system administrator. After logging to your administrator account, install the TFTP server.
    During the TFTP server installation, a directory called TFTP-Root would be created on the root of your hard disk. The flash image would be downloaded there.
  • Load the TFTP server and start it (you can do it by the TFTP server window).
  • To download the flash image to your hard disk, just open a command prompt and write (I'm assuming you're using Windows: if you use Linux, tell me):

    ipconfig /all

    by this command you would know your pc ip address (something like 192.168.1.x with x between 2 and 253).
  • Write down your_ip_address and write:


    This would open a telnet session with your HBX Std: login with username admin and your password (admin if you haven't changed it).
  • After logging in, write:

    tftp -p -l /dev/mtdblock0 -r mtd0 your_ip_address

    Now you should find in your TFTP-Root a file called mtd0 which size is 8Mb and it is what I need.

As you can see, the process is very easy: explaining it to you has taken five minutes, following it would take even less. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any doubt but I'm sure you wouldn't.

p.p.s. If it isn't a problem for you, reset the router to the factory settings before making the flash dump: if you save your settings before resetting the router to defaults you would be able to restore them later on.
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Hallo! Ich weiß, dass es sich hierbei um ein Deutsch-Forum aber ich habe meine Nachricht in Englisch, weil ich der Meinung, dass dieser Weg ist von allen lesbar, aber wenn Sie der Ansicht, dass es schriftlich in Deutsch ist besser, nur sagen Sie mir.
Ich hoffe auf eine Antwort von jemandem bald. Guten Tag an alle! :)
Hallo! Ist es möglich, dass jemand konnte nicht mir helfen? Was ich fragen, ist eine sehr einfache Sache und nicht gegen Urheberrechte.
Wo liegt das Problem? Bitte antworten Sie mir, und wir würden eine Lösung finden zusammen. Vielen Dank an alle! :)

given, that you talk about a adsl/wlan router, I don't think that you would like to get the fw of the voiceboard (horst).

If you are interested in the fw of the AR-7 router/wlan board, you would be better off looking for DSL-G684T firmware, as the "herta" board in the HBXpro has special fw to interact with horst.

Or maybe fw for RouterTech G604-T (http://lara.kieranoshea.com/rt/firmware/src/routertech-v2.3-firmware-sources.tar.bz2)?

But maybe you can extract most (all) of the fw from the offline upgrade files from d-link ?(http://upd.dlink.de/hbx/pro/DLinkHB-C_DSL-G684T_singleimage_kernel_fs_V3_00B01T01_HB-C_20061011)

unfortunately, my latin is not good enough to find may way in your italian board...

Hi and thanks for your reply. The router we're working at is COMPLETELY different from the D-Link G6x4T series: the G6x4T series is based upon an ar7 core from Texas Instruments while the router we're working at is based upon an Infineon Amazon board with EXACTLY the same hw of the HBX Std except from the VoIP section which is absent but this isn't a problem and, believe me, I know what I'm saying. I know very well the G6x4T series (Adam2 or psboot bootloader and everything else) and it has nothing to do with what we're talking about here.
I only need a dump of the whole HBX std flash, possibly after a reset to the factory settings: I need it to study the environment section and the bootloader to see if the HBX std is suitable for my case; after this I would work on the fw sources downloadable from ftp.dlink.de excluding the VoIP section that I don't need.
I need a very simple thing and I really hope that someone could help me. Good afternoon! :)
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sorry, sorry, sorry....mea culpa.

I completely missed that you were talking about the "standard" horstbox.
I really wanted to help, but one should never try to do two things at the same time (work in the office and try to be smart :oops: but at least helpfull)

hope someone else can help you on this, I don't have a HBXs

Don't worry! :) Thank you for replying to me instead! I hope that someone would like to help me: I think that someone here might have an HBXs and hope that he/she would like to give me an hand. Have a good day! :)
Why don't you use the firmware on the dlink page ?

Hi and thanks for your reply! :) I can't use the firmware page because, as already said here:

I need it to study the environment section and the bootloader to see if the HBX std is suitable for my case; after this I would work on the fw sources downloadable from ftp.dlink.de excluding the VoIP section that I don't need.

I already know the link that you've told me (thank you anyway! ;) ) but the firmware is only a part of what's written on the flash and I need the rest too otherwise I hadn't asked. I hope you could help me: as you can see, making a flash dump is a very simple and straightforward thing and I think (or at least hope) that learning how to do it could be interesting... Have a good day! :)
Problem solved! Thanks to the precious help from yodommo, now I have what I was looking for. Thanks for your help, yodommo! :groesste:

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