Diffence between black 7170 and red 7170


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sorry .. i dont speak german :) i want to buy a 7170 from ebay .. but i see 2 version

whats the difference between the black and red 7170? i think the black is supplied by 1-1? is the correct? is the router itself identical? same firmware? no restrictions with voip?

tnx for your time

I think that the red version of the FritzBox is distributed by freenet. I´ve got an original black AVM-Version of the 7170. There are definitely no restrictions, but the firmware is branded, so that you have to enter the data of other VOIP Providers yourself. The unbranded box has more provider-profiles, that´s the only difference. If you like you can also "unbrand" the box, but then you´ll lose warranty.

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the black one is from 1&1, you're right.
The red one is the original version of AVM or a branded version of Freenet.

I bought the black one, because i don't like red :)
All versions are identical. The branded versions are a little bit restricted (see the post of Makues) but can very(!) easily manipulated.

it's only a pseudo-update, you have to do... it takes 1 minute and you have a unbranded black one.
Alwaysbelaxly schrieb:
the black one is from 1&1
Yes it is, but it can also be an AVM-branded "original" Version of the FritzBox. If there is an emblem of 1&1 it is definitely branded. But one should not forget that you lose warranty if you unbrand the FritzBox :)

my 7050 (1&1 Version, but bought at a normal shop) was damaged and replaced on warrenty by AVM without any problems. As a replace, I got a black one.
The color*


Musste sein sry :)

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