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I hope I searched/read most of the significant information about external registration at AVM 7270 box... and I'm at a point where I have to ask.
My goal is as everyones: use my Android phone from outside to connect to my home fritzbox.
But believe me, I have some unique problems :)

My settings:
1. IP tel account with reg_from_outside = true
2. I have 2 dyndns accounts, one for internet and one for voip ; both properly updating

Now the results/problems. Please note that I did not try to make calls, I know that there are other problems with RTP routing; I only tested the registration:

3. Using 2 PC softphones (PhonerLite and XLite) at work, both register properly using the voip dyndns.

4. Using 2 Android apps (Sipdroid and CSipSimple) at work via WLan (behind NAT) also register.

5. Using the same 2 Apps with the same setups does not work via 3G!
The provider (O2 reseller) does NOT block VOIP; I have other 2 VOIP accounts which I can succesfully use (including Nonoh, Betamax clone).

Can anyone give a hint??

Because I know that RTP might not work, I tried another solution: siproxd with freetz.
In the basic setup, siproxd works on port 5065 and the port is forwarded in avm firewall (both TCP/UDP).

Now other misteries...

6. From my wlan at home, registering to fritbox using siproxd as proxy works (basic)
7. from the same wlan, using siproxd but connecting to the external internet (not voip) address works with phonerlite but NOT from Android
I'm not sure if STUN was enabled in this case, it might matter...

8. From Android/3G extern via siproxd doesn't work either.

9. I did not check Phonerlite from work via siproxd yet...

In all cases the messages come to siproxd (activated tcp log), no firewall issue.

It seems to be some kind of routing problems (the mobile gets a private range address).

Sorry for the long post, but I'm lost in the dark...

Can anyone make some light?

PS: Using AVM VPN works (no need for reg_from_outside ), but is not stable (frequent disconnects).
PS2: I can read/understand German.


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