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FBF another call monitor fbfcall

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    #1 teus, 28 Dez. 2006
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    Enclosed you will find a Perl FritzBox call monitor program.
    What does it do: it monitors the FritzBox port 1012. It does a reverse lookup of the phone number from an internal CVS phone book and on lookup failure it tries to look it up via an internet search.
    The call details will be forwarded to an on-line display (OSD) e.g. VDR, Mythtv or SlimDevices (or X11) window. OSD messages are configurable.
    The phonebook cache is automatically maintained with first/last call date and number of in/outbound calls.
    There is a call logging feature.
    The program behavior is highly tunable.

    The program is written in Perl (GPL'd). It is not tried on a Windows system but it probably will run there. The program is in use for about one year now on a Linux machine (RedHat,Fedora Core,SuSE). It is not tested in Germany but it should probably run there (the problem is reverse number lookup via internet).

    Feedback is welcomed as reverse lookup is heavily dependent on some internet number lookup services. To do: more OSD programs to be added.

    How to start: first use it as "fbfcall.pl -h" (help for your features). For details see the well commented program itself. If you think it is ok: run it the first time as root as "fbfcall.pl -I" (initialize the config file: /usr/local/etc/fbfcall.ini. Change the settings if you need to. Then run it in debug modus: "fbfcall.pl -d" and try it out. If ok start the program as a daemon.

    To do: vcard V3.0 compatability, other OSD display possibilities, ring back on missed calls. (auto answering via Asterisk ;) ).

    Have fun and give feedback. You can answer me in German but do not expect me to write things up in German. Do not expect me to test and run the program on a Windows machine.


    NB the reverse phone number lookup service has changed the URL (NL only) Please change the URL in subroutine reverse_lookup() the string "zoeknummerphp?" to "zn.php".

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    You are in the wrong subforum. Perhaps you can ask an admin to move your thread.

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