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FBFWL7050-Phone in/out problems

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box Fon: Telefonie" wurde erstellt von valterroque, 1 Nov. 2006.

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    23 Okt. 2006
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    Hello, I am not being able to make my regular analog phone plugged to FON1 work.
    I got my box over ebay, but the Rj45/Rj11 adapters for ISDN/Analog and DSL was not coming inside package. I manage to make it work on DSL by plug the Rj11 on midle of DSL socket. But somehow the Rj11 plugged on Isdn/analog port seams to not work(phone gives me the busy signal). Can someone point me where can get these adapters? Or any known tricks?.
    Thank you for reading.