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I have moved to Germany and wanted to get a flatrate voip service for unlimited eu destinations and if it's possible german mobile numbers :

I have found :


with 49.90 Euro per month withe eu destinations + german mobiles free



10,80 Euro per month including free eu destinations

Vortel :


29.90 Euro per month including free eu destinations

Is it possible to give me some feedback and if there are any limitations with minutes or any other options.

Thank you for your help,

Anyone english speaking?
Sure, Welcome!

Unfortunately, I have only experiences with Sipgate. Voice quality and service is excellent. sigate.co.uk
Hi mamep,

if you choose sipgate, I would recommend you to give sipgate a thorough test from the broadband connection (DSL, cable, etc.) you use the most. Load up like 10 Euros for the test and don't spread your sipgate-nr to friends,family and business partners too fast.
In my experiences the quality varies a lot, where other provider deliver a more constant voice-quality.

If you're satisfied with the quality, the sipgate-flat is a bargain.

Thank you for your reply Christian .

But i will use it with Asterisk server so basically i'm looking for a good company with quality services and multilines to use by once ;)

The best deal for me i think is with the free german mobile calls from free-voip but i can't find more info about this company..

Anyone experienced with free-voip.eu?

Also i will give a try to sipgate as soon as possible..

But i want to see some feedback first from users ;)
As wrote here in this forum free-voip.eu is a service operated by Mr Korte. There is a lot of negative feedback about this company so I would not recommend to switch to it.
About Sipgate: principally OK, my own experience is positive as well.
But free-voip.eu is the only company that i can find for free german mobile calls..

Do you know another provider with the same service?
Concerning free mobile calls:

You may want to have a look at the falt-tarrifs of german mobile companies. In combination with two cards (which are called TwinCard or MultiSIM at several providers) You may use one card with Your mobile and the other (in combination with an asterisk box) with a GSM-gateway. Intelligent routing within Your asterisk box may then route mobile oriented calls through the gateway. For GSM-gateways in combination with asterisk You may look around here in the board (asterisk-section).

For fixed line connections within EU You may choose for instance SIPGATE asl already mentioned or You give some of the BETAMAX-providers a try (they offer time-limited free calls to certain destinations within/without EU) , this depends on the call-volume You'll have. Just look at the BETAMAX-section of the board here.
The problem with gsm gateway is that my asterisk box is located in Greece so it is not easy for me to use a gsm gateway for German mobiles ;)
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