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FreeWLAN FOn and Fritzbox 7170

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN: Diskussion zum Funknetzwerk" wurde erstellt von musicman100, 6 Feb. 2009.

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    I hope it is alright to post this in English but my German is not very good.

    I an trying to connect the FON to the Fbox in QRM repeater mode. I had it working for several months using 0.9.6. but then tried to transmit the same SSID name as the Friztbox and that is when the problems stated!! I don't know why??:confused:

    I have spent all day yesterday fiddling with the fons and the Fritzbox and it is still not working. The Fritzbox has a repeater option so I tried using it as a base station but that didn't work because the fon is not a repeater!! I tried with 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 with the same result they can connect to the Fritzbox but then they do not transmit a signal. I don't know why. They can connect to each other and that works fine but not to the Fritzbox. :spocht:

    Is there a WLAN channel that works better then others or is there some option I could have ticked in the Fritzbox that would have caused this problem?? ( I have a German 7170 with German menus -I understand most options but not all!!)

    Any one else has A Fritzbox connected to the FON?

    If anybody has any ideas what the problem could be it would be greatly appreciated.