Fritz 7270 + WD 500GB with NTFS = Freetz


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5 Nov 2006
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I have just bought Fritz 7270. I have also WD MyBook 500GB with NTFS system.
I need to connect them together, but as we know Fritz does not support NTFS file system.

I know that there was topic about it, but in German, that I completely do not understand.

As I read some posts there are some problems with Freetz trying to fix my problem.

I am not familiar with Freetz and even do not know how to use it.

Please write me some instructions how to solve this problem (if it is possible).

With kind regards!

Majdanik Kamil
OK. Thanks, great :) It works pretty niece :)

But I have another problem because my hard drive (WD MyBook) is always turned on and working.
While I was using it normally (with standard USB port) it could stand by (when it wasn't using it turned off the light and the "engine").
Now it is working all the time.

Is it possible to let him sleep (stand by) while not using? Or meybe just turn off by clicking somwhere.

It is disturbing, bacause when I want to use it I need to connect hard drive. And after all disconect.


Another question is about the transfer. The maximum I reached was 1,8MB/second (while copying files with Vista - not HDtach or etc) - using WLAN with N.
The router says about 130MB connection and Vista about 65MB.

It is strange considering the fact that the distance between router and my laptop is about half a meter - ideal conditions. It should be 300MB - at least theoretically.
This is off topic here. But as this is draft N not all cards are fully compatibel. And this 1,8 MB are limited through USB and not WLAN I think.


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