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[Info] FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE FRITZ!OS 06.20 international vom 12.12.2014

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  1. SF1975

    SF1975 Guest

     Product            : FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE
     Version               : FRITZ!OS 6.20
     Language              : English, French, Italian, Spanish
    New with FRITZ!OS 6.20:
    LTE: added support for LTE roaming (disabled by default)
    LTE: added support for PPP authentication (PAP)
    LTE: Interop improvements
    Home net: display of MIMO standard in the detailed information about powerline devices
    Home net: use of fixed IP addresses via DHCP server improved
    Home net: change parental controls profile in the detailed settings for every network device
    Internet: VPN connection to Android devices no longer disconnected after one hour
    Internet: online counter now able to display higher bandwidths
    Internet: when activating MyFRITZ! a random port for https will be selected
    Internet: fixes a possibility to circumvent parental controls via guest access
    Internet: added Diffie Hellmann Group 5, 14 and 15 for VPN
    Internet: TR-069 connection request port is now closed once TR-069 has been deactivated
    Internet: BPjM filter only active when country is set to Germany
    Security: enhanced security area in wireless LAN settings
    Security: assistance in choosing safe passwords
    Security: push mails are now sent using SSL encryption by default 
    Security: import and export the SSL certificate used by your FRITZ!Box
    Smart Home: use FRITZ!DECT Repeaters as temperature sensors
    Smart Home: display the current temperature in FRITZ!Box GUI and MyFRITZ!App
    Smart Home: configure push mail to inform you whenever FRITZ!DECT 200 is switched on or off
    Smart Home: send a push mail when the connection to FRITZ!DECT 200 is lost
    Smart Home: select individual power consumption value to enable standby
    System: notification for important FRITZ!OS updates
    System: crashes when using the new push services fixed
    System: enables password to be set for the saved settings before an update
    System: new FRITZ!OS Updates can be installed automatically (default setting)*
    System: several improvements for the update process
    System: improved scheduled switching for tablets and smartphones. 
    Telephony: change to oauth2 for authentication with Google contacts
    Telephony: forced speed dial for phonebook entries fixed
    Telephony: prefix "**8" is displayed when using Vanity Codes
    Telephony: plausibility test for the entry of landline numbers fixed
    Telephony: sporadic reboots when using IP telephones fixed
    Telephony: improved voice quality in case of parallel data transfer (wireless LAN<->LAN)
    Telephony/DECT: for mail reception, encrypted transmission via port 995 is always tried first
    Telephony/DECT: improved functionality for Gigaset handsets
    Telephony/DECT: ability to set and delete custom ringtones for online contacts
    Telephony/DECT: display of current temperature on FRITZ!DECT handsets
    Telephony/DECT: improved playback of web radio on FRITZ!DECT handsets
    Telephony/DECT: improved sound quality for web radio/podcast/media player
    Telephony/DECT: improved update of RSS feeds
    Telephony/DECT: FRITZ!Fon C4 - improved automatic brightness adjustment**
    Telephony/DECT: support for the new call list with voice messages**
    Telephony/DECT: permanent signaling of e-mail on the handset fixed
    WLAN: Wireless LAN auto channel can be updated over the user interface
    WLAN: initial setup extended for wireless LAN information and setup
    WLAN: list of access points in the wireless environment sorted by signal strength
    WLAN: WPS for the wireless LAN guest access / private hotspot can be started via FRITZ!Box user interface
    WLAN: detailed information about connected wireless devices (Rx/Tx data rate, RSSI value, wireless standard etc.)
    WLAN: faster activation of changed wireless LAN settings
    WLAN: improved display of the wireless guest access on the main page of the user interface
    WLAN: improved printer view
    WLAN: direct link to the wireless guest access on the main page 
    WLAN: MAC address filter moved to WLAN/Security
    WLAN: connection by QR code enabled for main AP
    * FRITZ!Box can periodically search for a new FRITZ!OS version and automatically update (usually at night); you can change the default setting at System/Update.
    ** Update of the FRITZ!Fon handset to at least version 3.29 required 
    When updating from a version older than 06.20 the SSL certificate of FRITZ!Box will change. If you are using an app or a program that uses the certificate, there might an error message.
    Important: during the update of FRITZ!OS, services like telephony and IPTV will be disconnected temporarily.
    Download: >>>klick<<<