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Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170 Firmware Version xx.04.82 english is since 25.05.2010 online

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box tot? Recover, Firmware Up-/ Downgrade" wurde erstellt von Marsupilami, 1 Juni 2010.

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    I couldn't find a thread about these firmware versions yet, so there it is:

    Product: : FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170
    Version : 58.04.82 Annex A
    Version : 29.04.82 Annex B
    Language : English

    New Features :
    - Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
    - general improvements in the user interface

    Changes in:
    - Internet: NEW: Online-Monitor informs about internet connection, data transfer and online time
    - Internet: option to disconnect internet connection manually (expert mode)
    - Internet: removed PPPoE pass through
    - System: Improved remote access and WLAN connectivity for iPhone, Nokia E71 and Android devices
    - System: extended TR-064-interface
    - System: removed possibility to configure separate LANs for the ethernet ports in user interface
    - Telephony: automatically delete message answering machine messages after forwarding via eMail (expert mode)
    - Telephony: improved wizards for "telephony devices" and "numbers"
    - Telephony: transition from combined fixed line and DSL connection to All-IP connection simplified
    - Telephony: improved fax interoperability [noparse](T.38)[/noparse]
    - Telephony: improved audio quality (MOS)
    - USB/NAS: display available USB storage space in the USB device overview
    - USB/NAS: display technical detail information about USB storage devices in the USB device overview (mouseover)
    - USB/NAS: improved USB performance
    - USB/NAS: optimised power saving options with Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate hard drives
    - WLAN: faster availability of the WLAN module after changes in the user interface

    Info and download

    To prevent everybody searching: German versions are not updated, for today it's still 29.04.80 for german Annex B and 58.04.76 for german Annex A "deutsch_a-ch".
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    Thanks for the information, I saved them ;-)