[Info] Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7340 Firmware Version 99.05.05 int. vom 23.09.2011



Product : FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7340
Version : 99.05.05
Language : English, French, Italian, Spanish
Annex : A and B
New Features : - Child protection with filters for Internetpages and utilities
- FRITZ!Fon MT-F now supports 5 languages
- Support for DS-Lite to connect to IPv4-adresses using native IPv6 access

New with version 99.05.05:
Internet: New - Child protection with filters for Internetpages and utilities
Internet: New - Support for DS-Lite to connect to IPv4-adresses using native IPv6 access
Internet: automatic setup by the internet provider via TR-069 with added IPv6 support
Internet: IPv6 - new tunneling protocol RFC 5969: IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (6rd)
Internet: IPv6 - Workaround: Windows 7 did not accept the same Prefix once it was invalidated without a reboot
Internet: Import of VPN-settings improved
Internet: Added support of VPN-connections to Microsoft TMG-Servers
Internet: improved DynamicDNS-registration
Internet: improved DNSSEC-support

DECT: New : FRITZ!Fon MT-F now supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish (depending on the language configured in the FRITZ!Box Webinterface)

DECT: New - use your own MP3-Ringtone on MT-F
DECT: acceleration of menues and lists, improved handling of the phonebook, caller-list and answering-machine on MT-F

Telephony: open received faxes and messages from the calls-list
Telephony: added third alarm
Telephony: signaling of missed calls on IP-telehones (MWI)
Telephony: improved fax interop (T.38)

Storage (NAS) : New - Mediaserver and home-network-sharing (smb) can be renamed
Storage (NAS) : New - Mediaserver can be restriced to certain partitions (UPnP-AC)
Storage (NAS) : New - seperate passwords for home-network-sharing and internet
Storage (NAS) : New - available FRITZ!Box shares shown in network-enviroment (smb share announcement)
Storage (NAS) : revamped UPnP-AV Mediaserver 4.0

System: New - import settings from older FRITZ!Box modules (selective)
System: New - display active phone calls or network activity on the FRITZ!Box home-screen.
System: TR-064 - Automated telephony-device setup for FRITZ!App Fon
Download FW: >>>klick<<<
Download Recover: >>>klick<<<
Download OpenSource: >>>klick<<<

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