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Fritz Box Fon WLAN 7340 International 99.05.22

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    New with version 99.05.22:
    DSL: New DSL-version with improvements for ADSL2+ and VDSL lines
    DSL: improved VDSL-interoperability and performance
    DSL: optimised display of DSL data-rate on annex J lines
    DSL: improved interop for Globespan cabinet mode lines
    DSL: improved interop for various lines by deactivating PTM
    Internet: New- use MyFRITZ! to safely access your FRITZ!Box from abroad
    Internet: New- optional possibility to manually configure DNS server
    Internet: New- UMTS-fall-back in case of a problem with the Internet connection over DSL
    Internet: New- display of line speed for Internet access via LAN added in the online-monitor
    Internet: New- configurability of Exposed host and ping6 in the IPv6 settings
    Internet: New- configurability of other IPv6-routers in your home-network
    Internet: New- IPv6-support for UPnP, UPnP-AV and TR-064
    Internet: New- DynDNS-support for IPv6 with dyndns.org and namemaster.de
    Internet: New- possibility to deactivate NetBIOS-filter
    Internet: redesign of internet-account information pages
    Internet: completed support for DNSSEC
    Internet: improved error handling with DynDNS refresh
    Internet: Internet-page loading accelerated with active child-protection
    WLAN: New- integrated possibility to send feedback per WLAN-device
    WLAN: New- active MAC-filter now automatically deactivated during WPS pairing
    WLAN: New WLAN module
    WLAN: WLAN-start and changes in the configuration accelerated
    WLAN: improved interoperability with Logitech Squeezebox Radio
    WLAN: Mouse over display of WLAN device name and IP-address in the system log
    WLAN: reduced WLAN events with WPS for Windows7 and Windows Vista clients
    WLAN: display of WDS-devices improved
    WLAN: display of link-speed added for connections to Apple MacBook
    WLAN: added configurability for WLAN connects and disconnects messages in the syslog
    WLAN: added "new WLAN device first connect" message in the syslog
    WLAN: additional syslog entry in case the 5Ghz channel is used by systems with priority (radar)
    WLAN: to improve Windows-compatibility space at the beginning or end of a WLAN key are filtered
    Telephony: New- Prioritise phone calls in your WLAN with FRITZ!App Fon
    Telephony: Menu option "Own Telephone Numbers" combines internet- and fixed-line numbers with a status overview
    Telephony: display-name now also configurable for remotely managed Voip-accounts
    Telephony: transmit the number of messages on the answering machine to IP-telephones (MWI)
    Telephony: display-name of the own number now possible to transmit to IP-telephones
    Telephony: simplified email-setup for fax-reception
    Telephony: improved the behaviour for the sip-registration with alternative providers
    Telephony: added IMS-support for "implicit registration"
    Telephony: fixed a possible problem when taking over a call from the answering machine
    Telephony: improved import of telephone book
    Telephony: improved signalling on analogue extensions in some scenarios
    Telephony: improved caller line detection for some analogue lines
    Telephony: improved Internet telephony setup
    Telephony: stability improvements
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- configurable background image with date/time
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new start screen for FRITZ!Fon MT-F
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- display incoming calls with bigger font
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: New- new midi-ringtones
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: fixed sporadic loss of connection to DECT-base
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved interop with other DECT phones
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: corrected text display in podcasts
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: accelerated menu speed for podcasts and internet-radio
    DECT/FRITZ!Fon: improved error handling in case of missing pictures
    Homenetwork: New- Change your FRITZ!Box name: for WLAN SSID, SMB, DECT and more
    Homenetwork: New- Internet access for guests connected to LAN4
    Homenetwork: New- improved display of guest-devices in the network-overview
    Homenetwork: New- network devices with an http interface can now be clicked in the networking-overview
    Homenetwork: New- automatic wake on LAN for devices reachable from the internet (including IPv6)
    Homenetwork: New- display of FRITZ!Powerline-devices in the network-overview
    Homenetwork: New- details of network devices now shows extended information including IPv6 addresses
    System: New - smartphone optimised web-pages for fritz.box and myfritz.box
    System: New - name of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!OS displayed on main-page
    System: New - setup simplified (new passwords will now be initially shown in plain text at configuration)
    System: New - simplified change between normal and expert view
    System: New - push mail now contains more detailed DSL information
    System: New - push-mail now displays current IP-address and missed phone calls
    System: New - possibility to activated automated sending feedback in case of a crash
    System: New - automatically synchronise WLAN night-settings between multiple FRITZ! products
    System: improved stability System: added POP3 SLL support for web.de
    System: DNS-server of FRITZ!Box enhanced (DNS over TCP)
    System: corrected loss of APIPA-address
    System: DOS-robustness of https-access towards the thc-ssl-dos-tool improved
    System: fixed problems of displaying username and SMTP server in the push mail service
    System: fixed possible problem with using IP-cameras with real time streaming-protocol
    USB: multifunction printers now only need the activation of "printer" device type with USB remote connection
    USB: Interop with EnOcean USB device improved
    USB: improved write performance for USB memory
    USB: improved stability when disconnecting USB memory
    Memory/NAS: New- name of workgroup changeable
    Memory/NAS: accelerated scanning of memory for internet-sharing
    Memory/NAS: accelerated FTP connection for LAN-access to USB memory
    Memory/NAS: improved handling of USB memory disconnects while scanning media-files
    Memory/NAS: improved picture handling and search with Internet explorer 9
    Mediaserver: New- playlist support added
    Mediaserver: improved interop (Sony TV, Kathrein-receiver, Xbox360 ...)
    Mediaserver: performance-improvements
    Mediaserver: improved handling of Umlauts in MP3-Album covers and jpg files
    UMTS: added support for some UMTS devices with CSV function
    UMTS: added support for new UMTS devices (ZTE K4505-Z, Sierra USB 309, 4G Systems XS Stick P14)

    Firmware         =  FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7340.en-de-es-it-fr.99.05.22.image
    Firmware-Größe   =  15.994.880 Bytes (15.620 kB, 15,3 MB)
    Firmware-Datum   =  25.04.2012 17:14:22
    Firmware-md5     =  0xd887def011101bdc6836d8a84b17b62e
    Kernel.image     =  kernel.image
    Kernel-Größe     =  15.301.438 Bytes (14.942,8 kB, 14,6 MB)
    Kernel-Datum     =  24.04.2012 16:06:32
    Kernel-md5       =  0x2bcb99275201125736a3b404b724576a
    Gedacht für Box  =  Fritz_Box_7340
    Installtype      =  iks_16MB_xilinx_2eth_2ab_isdn_te_pots_wlan_usb_host_dect_63350
    Versionsinfo     =  99.05.22
    Checkpoint       =  r22284
    Brandings        =  avme
    Annex            =  kein Annex (Multi-Annex)
    VDSL-Version     =  
    ADSL-Version     =  
    DECT-Version     =  
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