Fritz OS7 and BoB (busy-on-busy) settings?


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5 Mai 2008
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I have a 7270 and 7340, both with OS 6.06. Which is the latest for those devices.

I use BoB (Busy-On-Busy), which means that if I ring in/out from an extension using a phone number, that phone is now busy and will not receive another call.
This actually my desired situation when I am alone. But not when there is someone else in the office with me.
So I use RED labelled handset when I am alone, and GREEN labelled handset when I am not alone in the office.

In Fritz OS 6.06 the BoB (Busy-On-Busy) configuration exists, but is a little limited:

- For FON and DECT, I can configure BoB, bot only once. Whatever I set on one handset also is set for other handsets.
(So I cannot make some handsets BoB, and some not)
- For VOIP extentions, I cannot configure BoB at all. Meaning people never get a busy signal.

Especially the lack of BoB for VOIP handsets is bothering me.
Before I invest in a new Fritz, could someone please tell me if in the newer Fritz OS 7, the BoB settings are still present or better yet, have been improved:

- Is there still BoB on FON and DECT?
- Is there maybe now also BoB for VoIP?
- Can the BoB settings for one DECT/FON/(VOIP) handset be different as for other handsets?

Many thanks


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12 Okt 2005
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No need for a newer box. AFAIK nothing has changed in this regard in Fritz!OS 7.
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