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[Info] Fritz!WLAN Repeater 1750E Firmware Version 134.06.20 international vom 22.12.2014

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  1. SF1975

    SF1975 Guest

    Product:         FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E
    Version:             FRITZ!OS 6.20
    Language:              English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish
    Release date:     22.12.2014
    Improvements in FRITZ!OS 06.20:
    ·    NEW - WLAN-LEDs blink if WPS for the WLAN guest access is active
    ·    Enhancement – improved performance 
    ·    Enhancement – optimized auto-channelling in 5GHz (LAN-Bridge)
    ·    Enhancement – optimized registering behaviour of the repeater at a 5 GHz WLAN basis 
    ·    Fix - WLAN guest access partly bugged
    ·    Fix – possible crash by deregistering of a WLAN client
    ·    Fix – possible crash by shutting down WLAN
    ·    Fix – 5 GHz connection to the WLAN basis sporadically not available 
    ·    NEW - display the whole name of the repeater in the GUI 
    ·    Enhancement – optimized illustration of the WLAN radio channel
    ·    Enhancement – The 5 GHz SSID will be shown in the summary by switching from LAN-Bridge to WLAN-Bridge 
    ·    Enhancement – the display in the radio network selection of the repeater will be updated in case of band shifting in the WLAN basis 
    ·    Enhancement – improved text and text format by entering the WLAN-key, in push service and the homepage 
    ·    Enhancement – improved IP TV-Streaming over WLAN (Multicast to Unicast)
    ·    Enhancement – the assigned name of the repeater is now shown in the push mail notification as “sender”  
    ·    Enhancement - improved interoperability to the video recording function available in T-Home receiver 
    ·    Enhancement – improved stability
    ·    Fix - incorrect QR-Code display by WEP-encrytion
    ·    Fix – possibly false events by activation/deactivation of WLAN via GUI
    ·    Fix - possible permanently flashing WLAN- and -LEDs after switching to LAN-Bridge 
    ·    Fix – partly restricted IPv6-connectivity behind the repeater
    ·    Fix - possible restriction by WAN accessing by the WLAN-/LAN-Clients at the Repeater
    Download: >>>klick<<<