Fritzbox 7170 - German - English Translation Req.


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Can someone please help me!

I have a fritzbox 7170, but as there is no way, as yet, to make the browser English I cannot understand a lot of the options! My German is basic at the moment.

I have 3 VOIP providers, and Im currently using VOIP provider 3 for outgoing calls.

At the moment Im constantly having to dial *123#0049 (then the number). But I want it automatically to choose provider 3 when I dial, and not have to dial 0049 (for Germany) leaving only the area code and tel. number for me to dial myself.

I also dial the UK, so I need the box to regognise that when I dial 0044 im dialing the UK and not to add 0049 before hand.

Please help somebody. My Fiance is German, but her Tech knowledge is terrible. She cant find the options anywhere!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!
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Thanks for the link :) Ill have a look when I finish work.

Many thanks for your help.
any updates on english firmware for the 7170 yet?

I am currently considering buying a Fritz!box 7170 since this model seems to combine both 7040 & 7140, having both a port for ISDN phone and USB host for print server or storage.
However it seems that the 7170 still has not yet been released in an english version, only in German.

Is it possible to change to english interface through any firmware?
Would be greatful for any input on this.

We use Annex B over ISDN here in Norway by the way.
PS - Am I correct in asuming that the 7170 is similar in every way, functionwise, compared to 7050/7140?
Except the differences mentioned with having both ISDN & USB host of course.
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