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how are voip phone calls routed on the internet?

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  1. eisnerp

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    22 Feb. 2005
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    Hi all!
    I was wondering if you could please kindly explain to me how are voip phone calls routed on the internet? do you need a new number or do you just use your existing number in Germany? can you make voip calls abroad?
    I am thinking of buying fritz box fon to be able to call germany.
    Having read through fritz manual i could not find an answer to this question.
    Thank you in advance for your kind answer.
    peter eisner :roll:
  2. Gast

    Gast Guest

    Hello Peter,
    you need some provider for exemple where you get special numbers which you can call via internet !
    For exemple: you take sipgate as your provider,which use the SIP protocol,where you will get an internal number and a landline (normal) one,so that you are reached from internet and from outside with nomal phones!
    Fritz Box Fon is really a good solution,because you have many features,you are able to call via internet and normal lines and you can configure your box for 10 providers!
    Best regards,