How to apply ds_mod to 14.04.20?

You have to overwrite "Firmware Source" in menuconfig.
Then you have to adapt some patches...

Greets, Oliver
Die 14.04.20 bassiert auf 2.4.17_mvl21. Nix mit neuem Kernel.

You have to adapt the patches. If I find some time I will do it for you.

Greets, Oliver
I tried to adpat the patches. Give it a try and tell me the result...
1.Replace the file 190-webmenu.patch with the one from the attachment.
2. Change your .config with an editor:
[I]# Brandings[/I]
[COLOR=black]I don't know why this step must be done!?[/COLOR]
Greets, Oliver

@Daniel Warum wird beim International-Image der OEM avme entfernt?


  • patches.tar.bz2
    1.1 KB · Aufrufe: 65
The file .config is updated automatic with
DS_BRANDING_avme=y (for OEM - avme)
if the file is applied with change
bool "en - international"
depends on DS_TYPE_FON || \
DS_TYPE_FON_WLAN_7050 || \ <-- here

config DS_BRANDING_avme
bool "avme"
depends on DS_TYPE_FON && DS_TYPE_LANG_A_CH || \
DS_TYPE_FON_WLAN_7050 || \ <-- here
default y
Default only FON, FON_ATA and FON_WLAN are activated with EN language
Zuletzt bearbeitet:
ds0.2.9 work on 7050 Annex A International OK!!!
Some corrections and it working well !!!
:) :) :)
Hi Olistudent, i've tried the untar the patch file you told to Skizzo, but every time i've got back an error message, ive tried to command for .tar, .tar.bz2, but always same result...i've also tried with winrar, but nothings good happen...have you idea where i'm wrong?
Many thanks :)
The correct command for the tar ist:
tar xjf patches.tar.bz2
If this doesn't work I have no idea.

Greets, Oliver
Hi, and thanks for the don't will belive me..(i too i don't belive myself), but my error was that i wrote all times patch...not patches (stupid me:mad: )
:blonk: :blonk: :blonk: :blonk: :blonk: :blonk: :blonk:

i've just edited the .config and the files, and the only problem i have is that the fw image seems too big, also if the packages i putted inside are the same of the german version...
No problem, i will remove somthing;)
thanks again, and sorry for my stupidity!!!!sometimes i will burn myself, but i'm so stupid that i use water for do it:crazy:


Sorry, can you tell me if there is a 3d where i can learn how to change the dsl driver? thanks again:groesste:
Ok, second round...i've done all step by step, it seems to works, but when i start make, after make menuconfig, and deselected all packages, my fw image is too big (error 1) i have done something wrong...but i don't understand what!!:mad: :mad:
Tokka schrieb:
after make menuconfig, and deselected all packages, my fw image is too big (error 1)
on small boxes you cannot have too many packages, sorry.

to start with a clean config ensure to manually deselect all packages and libraries too or simply
cp .defconfig .config
make menuconfig
Thanks Knox, but the fw i'm tring to modify is for a 7050, so i don't think/hope this is too small...i've done all possible changes with the german version, but now, with the english one, i receive this error, also i have deselected all packages. the only things i've left are the web pages translated in italian, but these have to override the originals, so i don't think they take more space than the originals... i don't understand what i'm don wrong:noidea: ....
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