[INFO] tinyPEAP auf WRT54G/GS - RADIUS Server mit PEAP


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17 Apr 2004
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TinyPEAP is a very small RADIUS server that supports PEAP authentication (the most secure wireless authentication protocol). It was designed from scratch to be able to run on very minimal hardware, such as the Linksys WRT54G. What are the benefits of such a server? Traditional 802.1X/RADIUS solutions require a dedicated RADIUS server and a rather complex setup. tinyPEAP allows you to have all of the benefits of 802.1X and PEAP security without the hassle of having a full blow RADIUS server on hand. In fact, the whole setup fits in a relatively cheap wireless access point that is very easy to setup. For those not familiar with 802.1X/PEAP solutions, they provide much enhanced security and user management abilities. 802.1X/PEAP solutions such as tinyPEAP successfully mitigate most of the known attacks against 802.11 wireless networks, most notably sniffing and key cracking. The tinyPEAP team has integrated this server into WRT54G and GS firmware for you to try. We have also provided you with a graphical interface in order to manage the server.

Die Firmware gibt´s auch im Downloadbereich des Forums