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interferance etc

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    Sorry my german is not too good.

    My problem is this i run a 7050 with annexxe a firmware on a max adsl line. i keep getting dissconnections due to interfersance on the line from a local train line (apx 100metres from the house) bt have done lots to resolve the issue but i still get 50-200 dissconnections a day. apx 50 a day at weekends and 200 during the week due to more trains.

    I did have a 7140 and this had the same problem.

    when i first had the 7050 it had firmware 03.91 on it and it synced at a max 2000 down and 400ish up BUT it did not dissconnect at all.
    since i upgraded the firmware (and on the 7140 as well)
    when a train is about to go past (apx 3-5 seconds before it pasts my HEC error count goes up through the roof-from lets say 0 to 2000 in the period of the train) and then my DSL dissconnects then reconnects.

    so what i want to do is disable adsl2+ on my router but keep all other functions from the latest firmware.

    i would rather lose my speed (i get 4000/400) and have a more stable connection.

    so does anyone know how i can disable the adsl 2/2+ SIDE on the latest firmware?
    telnet command maybe?

    and before anyone says extensions microfilter etc--all done using top components etc played that game the trains are the problem BT tearing hair out etc
    cheers G7PKF