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Intertex named to the 2005 "pulver 100"

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    Press releases
    Intertex Named to the 2005 “pulver 100”
    [ Click here for pressrelease in Swedish.]

    Intertex Technology Allowing SIP Standard Based VoIP Deployments Beyond POTS Replication and where LAN Users Connect Globally over the Internet, Secures Intertex Ranking on pulver 100.

    Melville, New York, - September 8th, 2005 – Intertex Data AB, manufacturer of SIP capable firewalls and ADSL modems for the SOHO market, has been selected as one of the companies included in the 2005 “pulver 100” - which is the VoIP industry’s premiere listing of privately held growth companies that represent the future of the communications ecosystem. This is the third year in a row that Intertex has been part of this prestigious list, for its unique technology of allowing global SIP based VoIP and live communication for users on private LANs and for allowing VoIP to go beyond plain replication of traditional telephony.

    Intertex recently released the IX67, a powerful firewall and NAT router that handles broadband and fixed Internet connections with bi-directional bandwidths over 20 Mbps. The IX67 expands upon the capabilities of the predecessor IX66 and includes multiple Ethernet ports as well as hardware accelerated VPN capability. Several options are available: high speed 802.11g wireless access point, VPN including IPsec, L2TP and PPTP, SIP gateway to the telephone network, port for analogue telephone and the Intertex SIP Switch with advanced IP telephony routing and PBX like functions.

    With addition of the optional SIP Switch software, the IX67 becomes a complete telephony solution for the small office with unique functions and cost savings. The SIP Switch combines the best of traditional telephony, VoIP (Voice over IP) and live Internet communication and adds PBX functionality. The SIP Switch can connect to the ordinary telephone network via one or several available VoIP providers, allowing for drastically reduced long distance telephony costs.

    “The pulver 100 is the VoIP industry’s first and foremost award listing, and it continues to grow in significance, because companies like Intertex, continue to spread IP communications via their SOHO firewalls with unique SIP capabilities,” said Jeff Pulver, Founder and Chairman of pulvermedia. “We’re proud to name Intertex to this year’s pulver 100.”

    “We are very happy to once again have been selected for this prestigious list. We feel honored to be among the 100 companies that have the largest impact on the growth of the market.”, says Martin Feuk, Executive VP of Intertex Data AB.

    The IX67 has a unique support for SIP, the Internet standard for live person-to-person communication, which will create the next significant expansion of Internet usage after email and web surfing. IP telephony or VoIP is one usage of SIP. The IX67 comes with a built-in SIP proxy and registrar that can be used as a stand-alone SIP server and also allows SIP communication to traverse the firewall. Thus, all LAN users can safely communicate with other users in the open SIP world using voice, video, presence, instant messaging and more. With most other firewalls and NAT routers, SIP communications often rely on unreliable and insecure methods, if SIP communications are possible at all, and often only allow connection within a closed VoIP island. The IX67 typically handles 30 simultaneous external SIP telephone calls as well as many more internally on the LAN.

    About the pulver 100
    Originally introduced in 2002, the pulver 100 features private companies in the communications sector that have substantial real-world deployments and enjoy significant growth rates. The value chain characterized by pulver 100 differs from the vertically integrated telecom model of the last century, focusing more on a networking-industry model that espouses open interfaces, connectivity decoupled from services, and software decoupled from hardware. For additional details on the 2005 pulver 100, please visit www.pulvermedia.com.

    About Intertex Data AB
    Intertex Data AB was founded in 1982 by current CEO Karl Erik Stahl. The company develops and markets communication and security products. Currently, the focus is on next generation broadband access products following the SIP standard and person-to-person IP communication.. The products include feature rich ADSL modems and firewalls prepared for SIP based IP Telephony, Presence, Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing. Intertex has won several International awards for creative product design as well as business excellence.

    Intertex’s media contact is Howard Kendall at phone (508) 385-6335 and [email protected]. For further information, see www.intertexdata.com. Click Resources/PR for picture download.