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Hi to all Fritz!Box users,
first of all, sorry for posting here in english language (I don't know german).

As promised a few weeks ago, the "Child Monitor" component is just available for download here:

You can download the GERMAN TRANSLATED version on that page.
I released it as freeware. Please feel free to contact me for any suggestion, criticism, ans so on.

Have fun,


I have the same Problem with my doughter and the "Kindersicherung", so I will try to use this tool

Thank you


Hi bierreuno,


it seems that the tool doesn´t work.

I have installed it on windows xp home sp3, if have a FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170 with the beta - firmware 29.04.63-11945
what could be wrong?



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Uhm.. as well as I can't test the Child Monitor on a "29.04.63 firmware release", I cannot give you a quick response! :( My first suspect is that the x.x.63 firmware comes with a different (updated?) child protection feature, so my software can't parse the userlist page. Maybe there are additional features?

I should have the "userlist" page from a x.x.64 firmware, to debug it, and give you a right answer to your problem. If you like to help me, I will send you a just compiled "debugging version" of the Child Monitor, that shows additional info on screen about the related html page and the retrieved informations.

Let me know if you like to help me in analyzing and resolving this issue.
If yes, write me by email, and I will send you the debugging version.


WARNING: Some users reported me that Child Monitor does not work on a "password-protected" router!

This is right, as well as this first version does not care authentication. So, if you will like to test it, I suggest you to temporarely remove the password from your router.


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