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Language Mod for Fritzboxes

Dieses Thema im Forum "FRITZ!Box Fon: Modifikationen" wurde erstellt von madhadder, 14 Dez. 2008.

  1. madhadder

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    14 Dez. 2008
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    Hello All.

    I would like to do, what AVM has failed to do. That is to provide the Web
    GUI in multiple languages. The Firmware would only have 1 Language and
    not be selectable via a menu option. Only a FW Update file.

    If there is room on the FritzBox for 2 or more sets of Web pages then I
    will consider it. But for now I would like to do the Following:

    1. Downland current Ver. of the Germany Annex B Firmware file
    2. Somehow extract the contents of the file.
    3. Edit the HTML/Web pages into English, French, Italian and Spanish.
    4. Recompile the FW back into a usable image file to upload to the Fritzbox.

    So far I can do the Lang. Translation just fine, but I can't figure out how
    to extract the kernel.image file or to put everything back together into
    a usable file to upload to the fritzbox.

    On a second note, is it somehow possible to perform an image dump of
    the FW currently on a FB, in order to have a working back-up image incase
    something goes wrong.
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    21 Jan. 2006
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    Aalten, Niederlande
    Study freetz in this forum about modifying and patching the firmware.