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[Problem] Linksys pap2+ ZyxelP-660HW-D1 problem with guest-ip (SIP VOIP)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Linksys (VoIP)" wurde erstellt von sarto76, 27 Jan. 2012.

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    27 Jan. 2012
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    Hallo, I configured my linksys pap2 with the guide in http://www.spakonfig.de/, now with my voip phone I can call, but i cannot receive the calls. When I try to call my number the "traditional" phone works (swisscom Abo) but I cannot hear any ring or answer with my voip phone. I tryed to disconnect the swisscom phone, but nothing changed.
    In my Zyxel router I put a new NAT rule and forwarded any udp 5060 port to my Linksys pap2, but nothing changed.
    May you help me please?
    Thank you very much