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Update vom 28.Oktober 2006

* added option "nttimeout=yes|no" default="no". This stops chan_misdn
from sending a disconnect when a disconnect occurs in the overlapdial
phase on NT ports
* fixed an issue which caused chan_misdn trying to use the same channel
twice on NT ports, this caused instability in the mISDN Kernel modules
causing "INTERNAL ERROR" - messages and such
* added support of setting hdlc mode with misdn_set_opt
* fixed minor bug when no HW is found and chan_misdn is still loaded.
chan_misdn did a segfault on reload then
Update vom 06. Dezember 2006:

* changed default Value of block_on_alarm to "no"
* fixed more HOLD/RETRIEVE issues
* beautified the logs a lot and changed some debug levels
* added the MISDN_ADDRESS_COMPLETE Variable which is either set from the
Provider, or
which can be set by the user to indicate a complete dial.

Update vom 03. Januar 2007:

* Fixed some major issues which happened on high load with E1 cards
* Fixed the Echocancel+Bridging Kernel Panic issue
* optimized the debug output a lot, a debug=1 leads to only 1 line per
message, which makes the debug a lot more readable
* modified a few parameters default values from the misdn.conf to better
match issues which happened with the old values, like block_on_alarm and
pmp_l1_check, both defaults are "no" now
* added sending complete support, which can be viewed and modified with
* readded the MISDN_URATE variable to hopefully support app_v110 again

We've additionally released chan_misdn-0.4.0-rc28 now which contains all
the above and previously made fixes, and which can be compiled and used
against asterisk 1.4
Update vom 19.Februar 2007


* Fixed a very major issue that happens when creating/completing calls
very fast. My Setup: BN2E1 against TE205P. I created 60 calls in second
which hungup after a few seconds and where fastly recreated. The bug was
that some important messages where fetched at a wrong place in the
driver which means that chan_misdn got wrong messages later on. This is
an important fix for users with E1 cards and with high density BRI cards
like 8S0 and which have high call volumes
* fixed some Segfaults that happened on high load
* fixed a lot of gcc-4 compiler warnings
* added the "misdn send restart" cli command to send out ISDN RESTART
Messages for every B channel of the given port
* fixed the issue that you could not send an empty Setup like:
dial(mISDN/g:eek:ut/), you can do that now and you can with that hear the
dialtone of your PSTN provider
* fixed the issue that on BUSY the Dialstatus was not set to busy, this
happens now
Update vom 17.04.2007


* fixed bugs.digium.com bugs: #9157 and bugs.beronet.com bugs: #302,
#303, #304
* fixed channel freeing of channel 31 on E1 (we blocked it before)
* added new method for dialing out: "stadard_dec", it allows us to start
dialing out firstly with channel 31 and then decrement downto 1. This
avoids a lot of conflicts when we create fastly a lot of calls, and the
provider sends us a lot of calls at the same time.
* fixed the crypt_keys stuff, we can crypt mISDN channels again :)
* fixed a ETSI violation: we sended sometimes a DISCONNECT when we
already received one form the switch
* added support of mISDN-1.2 (pipeline stuff and so on:)
* fixed #9355 from bugs.digium.com
* we can now make 30 channels on a PRI (before we forgot chan 31..)
* added option which allows us to accept incoming SETUP Messages without
automatically sending Proceeding or Setup Acknowledge, this is useful
with some broken switches and if you want to Release incoming calls
without previously having acknowledged them. The new option is
noautorespond_on_setup=yes|no default is no, so we don't break the
existing behaviour
* some fixes for NT PMP Hold/Retrieve, it should work now, when
briding=no, still not working perfect, becaus in briding case we fail..

If you find any more bugs please post them here or on our bugtracker
Update vom 05.06.2007


* added misdn_check_l2l1 for lines that shut down their l1, makes group
dialing on such lines easier.
* fixed KEYPAD Variable which contains to dialed KEYPAD elements, can be
used to activate call forwarding and such
* fixed some potential segfaults that happened under heavy load with SMP
* handle sending_complete properly
* fixed problem that tones where stopped when receiving INFO Messages
* fixed some tone generator issues, that caused segfaults and/or the
message "Avoiding Intial Deadlock.."
* added the possibility to deactiviate bridging per port.
Update vom 03.07.2007


* fixed INTERNAL ERROR trouble on heavy loaded PRI Machines
* added automated RESTART Message Sending on RELEASE_COMPLETE cause:44
* fixed couple of segfaults
* did i mention that we have backported "overlapdial=yes" ? :)
* fixed problem of overlayed sending dtmf tones. when sendtmf=yes, we
don't send dtmf tones if the bridged partner is mISDN too, only if the
bridged partner is non-mISDN
* reworked the extension matching algorithms. If there is no potential
match we jump into the 'i' extension for example
Update vom 04.07.2007


* The extenion match rework introduced a fatal bug when overlapdial was
used in the "old" maner without timeout, this is fixed now, the
behaviour was, that for each dialed digit, an own Outgoing call was

* Fixed a bug that could create a "rport queue overflow error"
especially in trixbox/freepbx installations.
Update vom 20.11.2007


* added ntkeepcalls option, to avoid the stopping of running calls if
the L1 is down for a short time
* fixed Callwaiting, so that reject_cause works again
* fixed some Bug, when overlapdial was used and the number still didn't
match in the dialplan, this caused protocoll errors
* added the possibility to restart the complete interface with the
"misdn send restart <port>" cli command.
* chan_misdn now sends a RESTART on all PTP Ports when the L2 comes UP
after the start of Asterisk. This ensures that the other equipement know
s too that we've got zero calls on our site.

!!!!! CAUTION: chan_misdn-rc36 requires at least mISDNuser-1.1.7 which
contains the possibility to sent RESTART Messages, this is true for NT
Port users.
Update vom 02.06.2008


* fixed an issue that channels where forgotten during the automated
RESTART mechanism. These channels couldn't be used anymore
* added a simple mechanism to prevent most of the "RELEASE cause:44"
issues: We now wait at least 1 second before we reuse a shortly before
used bchannel, this means that even a free channel is still marked as in
use for about 1 second, with this fix callcenter applications should run
much better now, especially in E1 Scenarios
* a few minor bugfixes like: emptying the keypad field, so that it not
contains the last keypad info anymore.

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