Modification Fritz!Box 7141 from Annex B German to [Annex A and English]


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I completly don't understand German, so i write this topic.

I bought in ebay Fritz 7141 (1&1) Annex B.
I neet to chagne to Annex A and English.

I've never used Linux so it is hard for me to do it.

I have some questions:
1. Which file I should choose?
2. Which file I should upload?
File .tar from forum or miodificated oryginal firmware?
3. If I should prepare new file to upload how to do this?

I read and I still don't know how to do this.

I also speak Polish if somebody does?

Thanks a lot
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I have the same situation as you. I have 7141 too.
I´m trying to find if that modification work in this model, because this model as fewer lan ports and less phone ports.
Do you tried to do anything yet?
I tried all modifications. :p Noone worked. :/
I gave up and I bought new modem ADSL. I connected to LAN port and it is working. I use only WLAN, so LAN isn't needed.

If you want to know how I connected modem ADSL to Fritz look here:
Is it possible for someone to post the instructions in English for converting a Fritz from Annex B to Annex A. I have tried to read the thread recommended abobe by using language translation but am afraid that I may get some instructions wrong.

Much appreciated. Thanks
For me it's not too difficult to understand.
From french to italian, it's easy to understand.

Here's my translation :

First of all you have to enable telnet on the Fritz!Box.
Pick your phone connected on one the FON (some forum say it has to be connected on FON2, but for me it works on FON1),
and dial :
#96*7* : to enable telnet
#96*8* : to disable telnet

Open a dos window (start, run : cmd).
Connect to your Fritz!Box with : telnet
(The default IP is but you have to adapt with your settings.

In the shell, insert the instruction :
# echo "firmware_version avm" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment

1) Download the firmware 40.04.37 on the avm website

2) To be sure that everything is correct,
type the following instructions :

# echo "annex B" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment
# echo "kernel_args annex=B" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment

This makes sure the Fritz!Box is in Annex B before updating the firmware.

3) Reboot the router.

4) Once again enter a telnet session, and type :

# cat /proc/sys/urlader/environment

You should only see references of annex B

5) Go on the webpage of your Fritz!Box (by default :
go on the firmware_update page, and update with the 40.04.37 firmware you just downloaded.

6) Reboot the router at the end of the update.

7) Go once again on the webpage of your router to check that the version is 40.04.37.

8) In a telnet session you will now transform it in Annex A :

# echo "annex A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment
# echo "kernel_args annex=A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment

9) ...and then reboot

# reboot

When you enter the Fritz!Box, you can see in the DSL Information that it is now an Annex A.

I tried to translate the instructions from giovy100 ( from )
If something is wrong, please don't ask me, just try to understand what the steps are supposed to do, and adapt by yourself.

These instructions will only transform in Annex A, the router web interface will still remain in german.
But in this forum you will find all what you want to have the web interface in english.

Have fun.
pintux schrieb:
Is it possible for someone to post the instructions in English for converting a Fritz from Annex B to Annex A. I have tried to read the thread recommended abobe by using language translation but am afraid that I may get some instructions wrong.

Much appreciated. Thanks
To complete what warp_be said, I'd like to add that there may be cases where - after executing the mentioned instructions - your annex will still be B. In such case it is mandatory to overwrite the bootloader with one from an old firmware that will allow this change. (the link has been removed to avoid copyright problems. Please don't make requests). DISCLAIMER: Overwriting the bootloader is a potentially dangerous procedure. Please be warned you may brick your router if something goes wrong (sudden power failure, whatever). So if you choose to procede you will do it at your own risk. I won't take any responsibilities for your actions.
Ok. First download a tftp server (i use the free Solarwinds tftp server - please google it up). Install and start it. In its window it will show an ip address. You will need it later.
Now copy the new bootloader you just downloaded to the default tftp server folder (i.e. C:\\TFTP-Root) and rename it mtd3.bin. The bootloader location should be in the mtd3 block. Let's double check this. Start a telnet shell and type:

cat /proc/mtd

You should see where your bootloader actually is. If it's the mtd3 block you may type the following:

tftp -g -l /var/mtd3.bin -r mtd3.bin <ip appearing in the tftp server window> and hit ENTER
By checking the tftp server window you will see if the tranfer was successful.

And now the potentially dangerous command. AGAIN: YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

cat /var/mtd.3.bin > /dev/mtdblock3 and hit ENTER

Now cross your fingers and reboot. If your fritz leds start flashing as usual everything went fine.

Start a telnet session and enter:

cat /proc/sys/urlader/environment

In the fourth line you should read: annex A
Finally, if you haven't done it before also type:

echo "kernel_args annex=A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment

and hit ENTER

Best luck

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Thanks guys.

I managed to convert my 7141 to Annex-A. I had bought this months go but had not been able to use it. Finally I am glad for the help provided. Keep up the good work.
Thanks guys.

I managed to convert my 7141 to Annex-A. I had bought this months go but had not been able to use it. Finally I am glad for the help provided. Keep up the good work.
Hi everyone. Thanks for the great info. I managed to convert my 7141 into Annex A. Is there a way that we can have an English interface as well ?
Fritz!Box 7140 changing from Annex B to Annex A

Hello friends,
I am in the process of making my Fritz!Box 7140:

1. Change from Annex B -to- Annex A
2. Change the web interface from German to English.

1. I have read and looked through various threads in this Forum site and this thread is the closest to my questions. The instructions below which are originally posted for Fritz!Box 7141 but i think it will be applicable to my Fritz!Box 7140 too. My Fritz!Box is on the latest firmware 30.04.33. I have had quite few sleepless nights to understand how to fix the above two steps. I have not achieved them yet. Can you please explain it to me how to get "the bootloader with one from an old firmware" for my Fritz!Box 7140. Currently my bootloader of my Fritz!Box is "mtd3 block".

I am a little unclear about that step. In the meanwhile I have already performed:
# echo "annex A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment
# echo "kernel_args annex=A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment
# echo "firmware_version avm" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment

and when I do "set |env" afterwards then it shows me that my Fritz!Box is on Annex A. However as soon as I do a reboot then it goes back to Annex B in "set |env" and also in the /proc/sys/urlader/environment file. Moreover my Fritz!Box's firmware_version was changed from aol -to- avm.

I shall be ever so grateful if some one can assist me with this please :confused: :confused: :confused:
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Hi rikrok321,

i have a FritzBox 7141 and convert it into annex A was very easy, just had to follow the instructions.

I now bought a 7140 but i can't convert it. It looks like the bootloader is different.
It doesn't allow to do the SETENV, it tells that the number of arguments are not correct.
Maybe you have the same.
Also in the firmware there's no /proc/avalanche file, so setting the values in that file is not possible.

If someone could help....
Fritz!Box 7140 changing from Annex B to Annex A

I think the file structure is a little different for the Firtz!Box 7140. In Firtz!Box 7140 its pointing to:

insteasd of:

But i am still looking for some kind friendly people who can help me to fix this Fritz!Box 7140 to successfully change Annex B -to- Annex A so that i can use it over here in Sweden.

I however also need to change it to English interface and that will be the second challenge. But however this point in time I need help with some clear instructions help in English to change the Annex B to A?!?!? :?::?::?: :confused: :confused:
Hi rikrok321,

i just upgraded the firmware to the last one available on avm website. (30.04.33)
And now it's working on annex A. (after the modifications in /proc/sys/urlader/environment).

Probably there was somehing differrent in the previous firmware.
Hi rikrok!

Try this method, which worked fine for me while switching a German FBF 7050 to English:

  1. Change the vendor ID to "AVME", which means the box would be English, by the followings commands (through telnet):
    echo "firmware_version avme" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment
    some boxes with an old file structure will need this command:
    echo "firmware_version avme" > /proc/avalanche/env
  2. Download the recovery tool from and run it - read the step-by-step-instructions of the recovery tool carefully and follow them. Sometimes you need to repeat the procedure, as it fails for unknown reasons.

  3. The box should reboot afterwards (don't power cycle it manually!) with English GUI.

  4. After this, you should be able to switch the Annex with the known patches available on this forum. Any Annex changes will be discarded by the language change, so do it after switching to English.
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Hi rikrok321,

i just upgraded the firmware to the last one available on avm website. (30.04.33)
And now it's working on annex A. (after the modifications in /proc/sys/urlader/environment).

I thought the latest English Annex-A version is FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7140.AnnexA.en.39.04.56.image

On the AVM FTP site the firmware-version enumeration goes this way:

30.xx.yy: Annex B

39.xx.yy: Annex A

Probably there was somehing differrent in the previous firmware
You can bet on it!

@rikrok: There are not so many 7140 in Germany and there's not that much support for it in this forum. I have seen successful conversions in an Italian forum. They even have included the conversion procedure into their wiki:

If you click this link you'll see the Google translation into Swedish. Compare it to the original since Google (mis-)translates names, addresses, code and data as well.

Good Luck!
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Fritz!Box 7140 changing from Annex B to Annex A

Hi Friends...
Thanx for the kind replies... i am still not so clear about changing my Fritz!Box from B to A.
@telefonicus By the way i am from England staying temporarily in Sweden so my Swedish is not so great :)
I would appreciate the help in English please ;)
Fritz!Box 7140 changing from Annex B to Annex A

Ok - now i have translated the page into English what telefonicus forwarded on this Thread.

Correct me if i am wrong but now what I've understood is that there are 2-ways to make Fritz!Box from Annex B -to- Annex A:

shown by inquisitor that i can simply change the environment variable from 'avm' to 'avme' and then I can use Annex B English recovery tool. And this will give me an english web interface?!?! But will it give me an english firmware or not?

shown by telefonicus where i can ftp in to Fritz!Box by using ADAM2 FTP server connection. I still dont know how to get ADAM2 FTP server running. I have windows Vista and in cmd it doesnt work. I also use Window Commander and for that i dont know what the username and password i require to log on the Fritz!Box 7140?!? I have tried different usernames and passwords like root,adam2 but nothing works

thanks a million in advance....
Sorry for the Swedish translation link, I hope you managed to translate the Italian original into English then.

Ok, forget Adam. If you can use telnet that should do the same.

The procedure is

1. Allow English firmware updates echo "firmware_version avme" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment (or >/proc/avalanche/env if firmware version is less than .29)

2. Update with the English Annex-B recovery program e. g. FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7140.AnnexB.en.04.56.recover-image.exe

3. Set the modem to Annex A ( echo "kernel_args annex=A" > /proc/sys/urlader/environment )

Keep in mind that the annex change only affects the modem's mode of operation. The firmware is still of annex-B type and will need annex-B updates (30.xx.yy) in the future.

Instead of telnet you might also use the pseudoimages

fritz_as_avme_newer.tar for step 1
fritz_as_annex_a_kernel_args_newer.tar for step 3

to perform the necessary changes, especially the latter as it avoids an ugly warning message that appears once you have used telnet.
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Also keep in mind that the recover firmware uses the bootloader, which runs only for some seconds and has no dhcp server;

This means that you must put an IP adress to your lan card instead of automatic (dhcp).
If not you will never be able to use the recover image.
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