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23 Jun 2015
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My native tongue is neither German nor English. Fortunately I am blessed with being able to communicate in a number of languages. However for this posting I have opted to use English, and not German, Italian, French or Xhosa, to vent my disappointment with this forum.
A little bit on my background first:
I am old and of cause forgetful :)
All my life I was active in R&D, as an engineer, with a major multinational company.
During the latter stage of my career I was actively involved, with my team , in
developing technology for a unified IP network infrastructure for telcos, the world over,
prior to retirement during 2000, Yeah a long time ago.
That development eventually paved the way for VOIP, as it is now deployed world wide,
including most of the enhancements to the TCP/IP stack that we in R&D deemed
necessary at the time. Most of our proposed TCP/IP modification requests by us were
indeed approved by the overseeing "Standards Organizations of the time such
as for instance the ISOC, IAB, IESG, IETF, IRSG and IRTF. This, me and my team, at
the time, proudly judged as a major accomplishment indeed.
Now to the essence of my disappointment with this forum:
There are brilliant members participating in this forum with contributions of excellent
quality and technical insight, I really take my hat of for those individuals.
I have also learned a lot about the "workings" of a FritzBox 7490 by reading their
particular contributions which often I stumbled upon by "accident". Thanks to the
handful individuals that fit this category, they will know who they are.
Then there are far too many members on this forum that think they are brilliant :)
These are the kind of so called, brilliant members, that are unwilling to tolerate lesser
knowledgeable members and thereby often providing derogatory comments to
these unsuspecting forum participants, The urge, of these people, to advertise their so
called "knowledge superiority" in an often derogatory manner whenever an opportunity
presents itself, seems to me to be largely ingrained in the general German culture.
Germany, has for decades, been very successful in international trade but that will
not be sustainable in this modern day and age unless Germans learn to treat lesser
knowledgeable people with dignity, respect and less arrogance, don't let these
people feel as if they are lesser human beings, as I have experienced a number of
times whilst participating in this forum.
II have nothing more to say.
Good bye

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