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25 Mai 2004
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Ab 3.8 online. Ein changelog hier:
* feature: add SkypeOut numbers to contacts from call history
* feature: drag and drop files to the IM window
* change: new German, Danish and traditional Chinese language files
* change: login - next button disabled until username and password is entered
* bugfix: 3-character emoticons displayed correctly now
* bugfix: unicode characters in username in IM are displayed correctly
* bugfix: about window text spacing corrected.
* bugfix: Skype windows too sensitive to Esc
* bugfix: file transfer filtering and file extension issues are improved
* bugfix: about and splash correctly resized to image dimensions
* bugfix: tab navigating in username suggestion page
* bugfix: add a contact gets focus
* bugfix: fixed a bad bitmap which caused hangup with Win98
* bugfix: double paste in add a friend dialogue
* bugfix: all calltab avatar context menu items follow 'show images in menus' settings
* bugfix: less time to load emoticons
* bugfix: error message when trying to open IM with Yourself
* bugfix: fixed GDI objects leak, could cause OS crashes
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