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Patton 4638 oder Lancom 1724 ?

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    I'd like to add an Asterisk server to an existing setup with an Alcatel OmniPCX PBX. There are 2 ISDN BRI's coming into this PBX.

    Goal is:
    - enable the existing phones to call SIP phones
    - enable SIP phones to call the existing phones
    - route external ISDN MSN and VoIP DID numbers to either group

    Thanks to this forum, I found references to the Patton Smartnode 4638 and the Lancom 1724.
    Is either of these devices the best choice for this kind of setup, and what are the advantages of one over the other?

    I see that the Patton is cheaper than the Lancom, although it has an extra lifeline port. Does it have less features? Is it true that it is more difficult to configure (what about webinterface in the latest software release?)?
    How do they compare in voice quality, echo suppression etc... ?

    Vielen Dank!
  2. foschi

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    The Lancom machine has more features than the Patton, but I doubt that you will need those in your setting. I found that the Patton works best with Asterisk in different settings; the Lancom device was bc. of its features too complex to configure (at least for me).

    I prefer the Pattons bc they support (a working) T.38 for fax throughout the whole Patton product range; have high precision timers on some models (important for fax/DECT again if you have no PBX for timimg) and are more widely usable as far as different ISDN implementations are concerned.