Problems with FBF 7050 14.04.15 EN


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30 Jan 2006
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my friend sent me an unofficial new version of firmware 14.04.15-4461 to test it. By this time I was using 14.03.91-jpluschke-build_5408-2455 EN.

I installed a new firmware without any problems. Unfortunately it appeared that incoming VoIP calls don't work properly. As a matter of fact they don't work at all. Information about the calls is recorded in the logs but phones don't ring. All settings are set OK (these setting worked with earlier version) but the problem exists.

Moreover, I wanted to come back to older version but it's impossible. I used downgrade2.tar form this phorum but I could only read information about the error:

firmwarecfg: Internal communication error. Exiting.
Error: opening result page

And I can't get back to 14.03.91. Do you have any ideas how to come back to older firmware version or I have to wait until AVM releases the official 14.04.15 English verion? Thanx in advance for help.

Update: It's appeared that after selecting 'react to all numbers' phones started to ring. Unfortunately it's not possible to choose which phone should react to incoming call of each SIP number. I think that's why it is unofficial version.
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