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SMC 7908: PSTN volume gain?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Andere Router" wurde erstellt von maleas, 28 Dez. 2008.

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    #1 maleas, 28 Dez. 2008
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    Hello all and apologies for speaking English here, unfortunately I do not speak German at all :/

    I live at Greece and have an Intracom Netfaster IAD ADSL modem/router/voip/wifi which seems identical to the SMC 7908 device. That is why I am writing here, perhaps if I can find this info for the SMC 7908, it will solve my problem with the netfaster.

    Anyway, how can you modify the volume gain of the pstn line on your smc 7908? There is a volume gain setting but it seems it affects only the voip accounts and not the fxs port gain at all! I would not mind the fact that I can not increase the volume gain of the pstn port, if only it did not sound so low! Any ideas?

    Once more, apologies for addressing this forum in English! :)

    EDIT: Is the SMC7908 the same hardware as the Siemens SX541?