[Problem] SOS no ADSL


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19 Sep 2009
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Good day! Sorry for my English. I am from Kazakhstan. My sister in Germany send me and my frends some Fritzbox.
Now some work fine, but some dont work as adsl (Internet connection via DSL)
At all doesn't see a telephone line.This Fritz work fine as Internet connection via LAN 1.
Cahnge different firmware don't help.
I think problem in hardware.
On the old Acorp(adsl modem) I was helped by changeover of condensers.
Probably it must be done and with my Fritz?
1 Fritzbox 7240 (different firmware mod freetz Annex A for 7270)- 2 years worked fine, but last week dont work as adsl . Another my FB7270 same works fine.
2 Fritzbox 7170 (different firmware for annex A)- Permanently broke connections, but a telephone line saw.
Now a line doesn't see
3 Speedport w701 (different firmware for FB7170 annex A sp2fritz) dont see ADSL line.
Another my w701 same works fine.
Can you help me that me do?